WWE News: WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose Almost Stabbed By Fan At WWE Live Event

Ambrose RAW

WWE fans have been known to invest so much in the product that they do not realize that WWE is a storyline based product with several characters in a world of pre-determined sports entertainment. Many of us know this, making it an open secret by now. However, some take things too far. In the case of one fan, he apparently hated WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose so much that he was willing to stab the man.

According to the Facebook page, The Spotlight, Dean Ambrose was nearly stabbed by a man at a WWE Live Event last night. While there have been no further details of the issue as of now, the picture below shows that the man was taken down before he got to Ambrose. While many assumed at the time he didn’t have anything to stab Dean Ambrose with, he did hop the barrier and made a run toward the former WWE United States Champion.

Ambrose fan

It is not confirmed that the man was arrested, or if he was simply detained for a while. However, we can probably assume he was arrested due to the fact that security had to take him out and handcuff him. If there was no fear for the life of Dean Ambrose, there would be no need for handcuffing the man, as security rarely does that to fans just wanting to get close to wrestlers. That said, it does look as if the story is true on his stab attempt.

This is not the first time someone has tried to attack a WWE Superstar during a television show or live event. However, it might be one of the few cases of a a fan attempting to kill a WWE Superstar. Dean Ambrose is a fan favorite, and usually babyfaces tend to never draw the ire of fans this heavily. Heels typically get a lot of hate from fans, which is expected of course.

There have been many cases of fans bothering the heels when they were out and about away from WWE.

Sgt. Slaughter might be the most memorable case of fans threatening or attempting to harm a WWE Superstar, as Slaughter turned heel and decided to go against all things America years ago. This was after years of being a fan favorite and standing up for the United States. WWE quickly turned Slaughter back into a babyface in order to help the threat of harm go away for him.

Back then, pro-wrestling was known by some to be pre-determined. However, WWE nor anyone else let the cat out of the bag at this point in a big way. It wasn’t until the mid-90’s that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon opened everything up. It made some sense to think that fans would be upset at someone like Slaughter back then. Today however, there is no real excuse for not knowing unless you’re under 12 years old.

As far as Dean Ambrose is concerned, he didn’t seem to shaken up about it. He has been put through more in CZW matches, so a knife may not have bothered him much anyway. WWE has not yet commented on the issue, but if they do we will be sure to update the article.

[IMG Credit: The Spotlight-Facebook, WWE.com]