'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: When Will The Next Salem Resident Die?

Trouble has arrived in Salem and it is not leaving anytime soon. Fans watched as Serena was found dead this past week and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that there are more deaths on the way. What's the latest scoop on when the killer will strike again?

It has been teased for a while now that a serial killer was set to strike Salem and the first death seemingly was Serena. Days of Our Lives spoilers have indicated that at least three Salem residents will die in this rampage and now some scoop has emerged about when another death apparently will be discovered.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, viewers can expect to see another death emerge on the September 8 episode. While it doesn't seem to be known for certain whether this next death will be at the hands of the serial killer or via someone else, there is speculation floating around that Paige Larson will be the next to die.

As We Love Soaps has shared, it is known that True O'Brien will be leaving the role of Paige soon. JJ has been fighting to win her back, and Kyle has been working to get closer to her with some major ulterior motives.

While it isn't known for certain yet just how Paige will be exiting the show, it has been detailed that she will be gone as of late summer or early fall. Given that timeframe, focusing on Paige as the next death in Salem seems to be the right fit.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Clyde will be stepping into the Kyle and JJ situation and Paige may become a pawn as Clyde tries to get his way. Clyde is becoming more dangerous by the day, and there is a lot of speculation that he may kill Paige or have her killed as a way to control JJ.

If Clyde does engineer the death of Paige, her death may be unrelated to the serial killer. However, it seems that Chad will remain under a microscope for the carnage spreading throughout Salem.

At least two other characters currently on the canvas are rumored to be leaving soon as well. Daniel Cosgrove, who plays Aiden Jennings, as well as James Read's Clyde Weston, are also seemingly departing soon. Will one of these two end up being the serial killer, or will they be victims or depart in another manner?

The show has teased that a big reveal and twist will come during the week of November 8 as a way to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary. On a brighter note, many fan favorites and familiar faces are returning to Salem for this big anniversary, including the characters of Bo, Sami, Shawn, Belle, and many others.

Will Paige be the next to die? Who will be behind the run of deaths in Salem this fall? Stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives spoilers as the drama ramps up and more scoop emerges heading into this wild fall storyline.

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