'Gotham' Season 2 Goes "Pedal To The Metal," Drew Powell Says In An Interview

Gotham Season 2 has really stirred the pot for Batman fans, as the "Season of Villains," as the Inquisitr has previously reported is its social title, kicks into gear with several recognizable Batman villains and their origins. There are also some returning characters, who have been made series regulars. Drew Powell, known to Gotham Season 1 fans as 'Butch' Gilzean, is one of those Season 2 regulars.

[Gotham Season 1 Spoilers Follow]

Gotham Season 1 introduced Drew Powell as Fish Mooney's right hand man. Then, he was forced to oversee Penguin when Fish was presumed dead the first time. Now, as it's certain Fish really is sleeping with the fishes for good this time, Drew Powell's character will be the Penguin's right hand man once again in Season 2. Powell sat down with Comicbook for an interview to delve into Butch's future, Powell's experience on Gotham, and other Gotham Season 2 news.

Drew Powell was naturally asked what the series regular promotion means. Will Butch go out on his own as a villain? Or will he continue to be under Penguin's, or someone else's, thumb.

"Well, when we left Butch, he was a quivering mess on the rooftop, with really nobody left but Penguin. When we open season two, he'll be with Penguin, Victor Zsazz's conditioning still intact. The interesting stuff is what happens from there, which I can't tell you much about. But I can tell you, some interesting stuff is going down. You know, they're calling this season the "rise of the villains," and it sure is! It's really neat how they've pushed the meter even further in terms of the darkness and villainy that's happening."
As Drew Powell was elaborating on how much he appreciated the promotion, and how much it meant to him that his character, Butch, became a series regular for Gotham Season 2, he also expounded on his shooting experience and the direction of the season so far.
"Boy, I can tell you, we starting shooting episode 6 today, and it's been a heck of a ride already. I've said this to all the writers and a lot of the actors this year, but every episode we've gotten this year has been pedal to the metal. It's really amazing what they're doing this year. They're just honing in on this storyline and every episode is better than the last. It's going to be a lot of fun for fans to see this."
Gotham Season 2 is revving up to be the season of villains, and according to Drew Powell, there will be no slowing down. It is going full speed ahead, or as Powell put it, "Pedal to the Metal."

[Photo by Mark Seliger/FOX]