David Joseph


Dave Joseph is your average underpaid 30 year old in Modern America. He went to school for electronics/computers. He went from Blogger, to Co-founder/Editor-In-Chief of an independent paper, then to writer. Being inspired by two brave, REAL journalistic warriors, he became a writer/investigative journalist/columnist for two papers The Home News and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette, and several other websites as well, which includes: The Inquisitr,Monkeys Fighting Robots, Toovia Magazine, US Herald, Millennium Male Magazine,and The Hill Talk . He has also contributed to Thought Catalog, The Chronochle, and Rant Lifestyle. He’s not on any side, but that of liberty and truth. He's a provocateur. It doesn't matter if you think as he does. just that you think. Both major parties hold no appeal to him. So, don’t expect political bias, he feels they all suck in some way.

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