Middle East Refugee Dam Bursts, And Eastern European States Brace For Islamic Tide

Kenneth Lim - Author

Aug. 29 2015, Updated 4:30 p.m. ET

Middle East refugees arriving in droves by way of Serbia have forced Hungary to speed up the completion of razor wire fencing to seal its porous borders. Despite its efforts, Hungarian authorities revealed recently that 2,093 refugees, a record daily total, massed across the border near the Hungarian town of Roszke. Ranging from four-meter-high security barriers to razor wire coils along Hungary’s 108-mile frontier with Serbia, the fence is expected to be done by Monday, August 31, 2015.

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According to Al Jazeera, the successful border-crossers belonged to a wave of about eight thousand refugees turned back at Macedonia’s boundary as they sought to reach the European Union. Prior to Macedonia’s declaration of a state of emergency that now denies them entry, refugees have been travelling through the country’s border with Greece, and continuing on through Serbia.

In rejecting the E.U. plan apportioning refugees to member countries under a quota system, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban described such a move as “mad and unfair.” According to Irish Times, he recently delivered the following warning to his E.U. counterparts.

“A modern mass migration could take place of millions, even tens of millions, and even hundreds of millions. There is no way back from a multicultural Europe. Neither to a Christian Europe, nor to a world of national cultures. If we make a mistake now, it will be forever.”

Hungary’s E.U. neighbor Slovakia has also been hard-pressed to stem the tide of asylum seekers. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, in addressing the problem earlier this year, was more specific about the Islamic component to the problem. Irish Times quoted him as follows.

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“Since Slovakia is a Christian country, we cannot tolerate an influx of three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand Muslim immigrants who would like to start building mosques all over our land and trying to change the nature, culture and values of the state.”

The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Poland have likewise been resistant to the idea of accepting more Islamic refugees from the Middle East.

Fox News recently described the U.N. solicitation of host countries to admit refugees from war-torn Middle East and Africa over the next five years as providing a shield for jihadists riding the waves of migrants to Europe. Once absorbed and assimilated by their host country, the Islamic State followers embedded among the refugees would be free to obtain a visa, travel, and carry out their mission of terror.

The formerly communist Eastern bloc states have grown increasingly critical of other E.U. members trying to cope with urban centers where Muslims are numerous enough to demand Sharia law instead of secular law. These Islamized communities potentially become human shields for sleeper terror cells and serve as fertile ground for would-be martyrs.

In a Fox News interview, Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders said that Europe should follow Australia’s “turn-back” policy redirecting boats to their points of origin, where asylum seekers are sheltered in camps far from Australia’s shores. This policy guarantees that would-be terrorists from the Middle East would never gain an Australian beachhead.

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