‘The Walking Dead’ Gets Another New Spin-Off, Look Out For ‘Zombies On A Plane’

Just when you think AMC has reached maximum saturation of zombie programming, they announce there will be another Walking Dead spin-off — this time set on a plane. Yes, that’s right, Zombies on a Plane (there has been no confirmation on the title yet, and let’s hope this isn’t the one they go with).

Entertainment Weekly announced the new AMC zombie spin-off will be a one-off special that runs for half an hour rather than another standalone TV series based on The Walking Dead. This actually makes the whole concept more palatable than a whole Walking Dead series based on a plane. Could you imagine that?

To make the concept even more appealing, by the end of the half-hour zombies on a plane program, one of the characters left standing will be none other than one of the characters from Fear The Walking Dead! That’s right, while fans were anticipating a crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, the crossover has, in fact, come via a slightly different route.

This is actually not a new concept for AMC and The Walking Dead. Over the seasons, AMC has screened online webisodes that help enhance the Walking Dead story or to highlight what is going to happen in certain seasons. This time around, however, AMC will debut their zombies on a plane spin-off online and then screen the follow-up installments during The Walking Dead.

As yet there is no news on who the surviving Fear The Walking Dead character will be, but the potential is we haven’t seen this character yet as they would already know a lot more about the outbreak than the current characters did in the pilot episode recently screened if they had been trapped in a plane with the undead. Showrunner Dave Erickson and co-executive producer David Weiner — both from Fear The Walking Dead — will also be involved in this new Walking Dead spin-off.

What is really interesting to note is the way in which London recently promoted the arrival of Fear The Walking Dead — via a campaign that included the hashtag #somethingscoming and screening checkpoints that looked like those you see at airport terminals set up across the city to scan people to see if they were infected.

What many fans are left wondering though is, will AMC follow in the footsteps of World War Z and get Brad Pitt back on a plane for their Walking Dead spin-off?

Fear The Walking Dead returns this Sunday night on AMC. The Walking Dead will premiere its sixth season on October 11, 2015.

Are you looking forward to zombies on a plane? Has AMC gone too far with this latest spin-off? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image credit: AMC]