Brittany Pilkington: Mom Confesses To Killing Three Sons To Get Attention, Then Pleads Not Guilty

Brittany Pilkington is facing serious charges after confessing to murdering her three young sons in order to regain attention from her husband, whom she claims spent more time with the children than with her. Despite explicitly admitting that she suffocated all three of her sons by holding them down with a blanket over their face until they died, Brittany Pilkington has now entered a plea of not guilty.

According to the Huffington Post, the 23-year-old mother is facing three charges of aggravated murder, having killed three of her children several months apart. Brittany Pilkington reportedly suffocated her toddler son in July, his 4-year-old brother in April, and her infant 3-month-old just last week.

Not only did Brittany Pilkington provide graphic details of how she committed these crimes, she allegedly provided a motive as well. The Logan County Prosecutor claims she was simply jealous of all the attention the children got from her husband. After her son Noah was found dead in her apartment this month, Brittany Pilkington confessed to the police that she had killed him in the same manner as her two other sons.

According to Dayton Daily News, Brittany’s mother, Lori, claims her daughter was coerced into a confession and didn’t understand what was happening. She maintained that her daughter is innocent.

The couple also had a young daughter who Brittany Pilkington also believed was neglected by her husband in favor of the three sons.

Pilkington’s lawyer entered the plea of not guilty at her hearing on Wednesday. The mother of Brittany Pilkington attended the court hearing but made no comment about the charges or the plea afterwards, according to My Fox 28 Columbus. Joe Pilkington, the father of the three murdered sons, was also in attendance, showing his face for the first time since Brittany Pilkington confessed.

Her uncle, Jeff Skaggs, spoke about Joe’s reaction to the horrific crimes, saying, “He’s real grief-stricken. He’s very distraught and we can understand that. We’re being with him like a family.”

Skaggs also commented on the murders, claiming his niece was not in her right mind and doesn’t deserve to be executed.

“I don’t believe in the death penalty,” he said.

Due to the plea of not guilty, the mother could face the death penalty if convicted of murdering her three sons. In the meantime, Brittany Pilkington is being held at the Logan County Jail on a $1 million bond. She is also on suicide watch after verbally expressing suicidal thoughts, according to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Eric Stewart.

“She’s a harm to herself, to others and the community,” Stewart told the judge.

How do you think Brittany Pilkington should be punished for killing her three sons out of jealousy?

[Image credit: Logan County Sheriff Office and Joel E. Mast]