Brittany Pilkington: $1 Million Bond Set For Ohio Woman Who Confessed To Murdering Three Small Sons, But Did She Confess?

Brittany Pilkington of Bellefontaine, Ohio, has allegedly admitted to murdering her three small sons within a 13-month time span. On Thursday, a municipal court judge ordered the deranged mother be held on a $1 million bond, however, there are now questions over whether Pilkington actually confessed to the crime.

In a related story by the Inquisitr, emergency responders arrived at the home of Brittany Pilkington and tried to revive her 3-month-old baby Noah on Tuesday, a few days after a court returned the child and his sister to her.

Paramedics remembered that in April, 4-year-old Gavin died and 3-month-old Niall died last summer. As paramedics questioned the 23-year-old mother, Brittany Pilkington allegedly made her confession.

As reported by the Associated Press, Municipal Court Judge Ann Beck set the $1 million bond on Tuesday and scheduled an initial hearing for next week.

Prosecutor William Goslee faced reporters on Wednesday and released details about the case.

“She has confessed to placing a blanket over the faces of three of her children and holding them either face down or face up until they expired. Everybody that is involved in this is truly emotionally distraught – including myself, quite honestly – and it isn’t because the system failed. It’s because this child is dead. This was not a foreseeable event.”

Brittany Pilkington’s mother, Lori Cummins, told reporters outside the courthouse that her daughter told her in a brief jailhouse phone call that she’s innocent.

“I asked her on the phone, I said, ‘Why?’ She just comes across and said, ‘I didn’t. I told them I didn’t do it,'”

Investigators are still in the early stages of trying to understand what happened, but one emerging theory as to why the Ohio mom may have suffocated her children is that she feared her husband loved her sons more than he loved her and her daughter.

Estranged from most of her family, Brittany Pilkington reportedly told authorities her best friend was her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Goslee elaborated on the theory.

“No one could predict the behavior of this mother, a 23-year-old mother who is apparently killing her children in order to preserve the smaller family with her and her daughter and the father of the children.”

Goslee also responded to questions over whether Noah and his sister should have been returned to Pilkington, considering the mysterious deaths of their siblings.

“The court found there was insufficient evidence to justify keeping the children out of the home because there was no evidence of foul play at the time. You cannot predict behavior that is so erratic. Did the system fail? The system failed to see the unforeseeable. … It’s a damn shame.”

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Brittany Pilkington is scheduled to appear in court next week.

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