Brittany Pilkington Suffocated Three Sons So Their Father Would Pay Attention To Her, Her Daughter

Three little brothers have died in the Pilkington home in the space of a year. Their mother, Brittany, blamed their deaths on a genetic disorder. Police couldn’t pin down a cause.

But on Tuesday, after the third boy died — a three-month old baby — their mom finally came forward and confessed to their murders.

And the motive behind that murder is disturbing.

According to WBNS, Brittany Pilkington, 23, killed her three sons because her husband, Joseph, paid too much attention to the boys and not enough to her or their 3-year-old daughter, Hailey. That daughter is now in foster care, her mother in jail.

Logan County Prosecutor William Goslee told the Columbus Dispatch it was a twisted act of love.

“In her mind, (Brittany) was protecting her daughter from being not as loved as the boys were by their father.”

And the boys’ father is inconsolable, now facing the burial of a third child. Police do not suspect Mr. Pilkington of having any involvement in their deaths, and family say he is so upset he’s considering admitting himself to the hospital.

As for the neighbors, they aren’t surprised that another of the Pilkington children is dead. James Breaston, 78, consoled Joseph in April when after the death of one son. “He was crying, the tears were rolling, and she was just cold. She just stared like nothing happened,” he said. When police arrived again Tuesday, “I thought, ‘Oh, there’s another baby dead.’ ”

The murders of all three children followed a similar pattern. Brittany told police she suffocated all three by putting a blanket over their heads: Noah, 3 months when he died Tuesday; Gavin, who died in April at age 4; and Niall, 3 months, when he died in July last year.

Niall and Gavin were found dead by their father when he returned home from work.

Earlier this year, Brittany called 911 to report Gavin was choking and was tutored by operators on how to perform CPR — she told them his body and lips were white and his chest wasn’t moving.

Officials investigated the child’s death, but couldn’t determine the cause and the evidence to suggest Pilkington was responsible was scant. Noah and Hailey had been removed from the home while they made their determination, and were returned to Brittany six days ago when their siblings’ deaths were deemed natural.

But then came another 911 call. This time it was Noah. On Monday, EMTs had been to the apartment when she reported breathing troubles — the baby was set up with a sleep apnea monitor. On Tuesday, she called to say the monitor was going off and he wasn’t breathing, the Dayton Daily News added. Again, dispatchers walked Brittany through CPR. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“Why would you give them back after a little boy just died and when you’re in the middle of an investigation?” said Pilkington’s uncle, Joe.

The coroner’s office will conduct an autopsy on Noah, but an official cause of his death has yet to be determined. Meanwhile, neighbors like Roger Robinson continue to shake their heads and wonder what would lead Brittany Pilkington — described as meek and shy — to commit such heinous acts.

“It makes me sick just thinking about it, three little kids killed at the hands of their mom.”

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