Westboro Baptist Church Protested by 9-Year Old Boy

Melissa Stusinski

9-year-old Josef Miles filled his mom with pride when he made an impromptu protest of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas on Saturday.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, Miles was walking around Washburn University with his mom, Patty Akrouche, on Saturday when the two spotted protesters around the area where they had parked their car. The WBC protesters were armed with their usual signs, including, "Fag law school."

Seeing the church's protesters, Josef asked his mother if he could create a sign of his own. His mother agreed, so the young boy grabbed a sketch pad, and scrawled out the words:


Akrouche stated that:

"He’s growing up to be a fine young man...I got my Mother’s Day gift a day early."

Their members are easy to spot, as they hold signs declaring "God hates fags," and "Thank God for dead soldiers."

When speaking about her son on Facebook, Patty Akrouche said that her son is "a wonderful young person [who she enjoys] learning from every day."

Last year, BuzzFeed posted a list of the 30 best protests of controversial Westboro Baptist Church.

Do you think that protests of WBC, like Josef Miles's, are effective?

Check out another example of protesting Westboro Baptist Church here:

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