'Death By Gossip With Wendy Williams': Murder Of Pennsylvania School Teacher Susan Reinert Will Air On Investigation Discovery's New TV Show

Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams is an exciting new TV documentary series that is slated to premiere Friday, September 4 on the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel.

Investigation Discovery has been the leader in bringing its viewers the latest in crime stories around the U.S. Death by Gossip with host and narrator Wendy Williams is sure to offer viewers a special treat. Produced by M2 Pictures and Wendy Williams Productions, the crime docu-series will center around six true stories that ended in murder due to vicious gossip and rumors. The show will also feature cases where gossip has helped lead to a prime suspect. It's a cautionary tale of how sipping hot gossip can have deadly consequences. The Inquisitr recently reported on two other Investigation Discovery crime shows: Untouchable and Swamp Murders.

According to the New York Post, gossip queen Wendy Williams had this to say about the show.

"It's the stuff that happens in towns and cities everywhere, where you've got the principal sleeping with the manager at the local store and she's married — and it ends in death. They're cases full of gossip, like the game of 'telephone."

In an upcoming episode of Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams, entitled "Killer Education," the focus will be on the murder of Susan Reinert, a school teacher who was murdered and found shoved in her car in 1979 by high school principal Jay C. Smith. For her brutal killing, Jay C. Smith initially received the death penalty, before it was overturned years later. Smith stayed in prison until he died at the age of 80 in 2009.

Susan Reinert's story, like others, will be told through dramatic and sensationalized reenactments and the voiceovers will be done by Wendy Williams. Death by Gossip will function in the same vein as Susan Lucci's Deadly Affairs, another crime documentary that airs on ID, according to Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Some of the other Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams stories that viewers will see on Investigation Discovery include the death of Patricia Mery, a New York City neighbor who was found stabbed to death in her home. That episode will air under the title "Mommy Dearest." "Thrill Kill" is another story that will feature the death of 19-year-old Colleen Slemmer, a young woman who was killed in Knoxville, Tennessee. The killing of Lillian Jarvis, a Girl Scout leader and mother who was murdered by a mail bomb, will also air under the title "Her Last Christmas."

Be on the look out for these and other episodes of Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams, which airs September 4. Be careful what you say, who knows when your words could lead to murder.

[Photo via Investigation Discovery]