Jinger Duggar And Jana Duggar Don’t Let Family’s Latest Scandal Stop Them From Smiling And Speaking

Jinger Duggar and Jana Duggar had to keep up appearances over the weekend when they gave a speech at a Christian conference. The Duggars’ reality show career might be dead and buried, but the family is still finding ways to stay in the spotlight while scoring a paycheck or two.

The Freejinger Instagram page recently shared a photo that shows Jinger Duggar and Jana Duggar posing with a fan at a COMMIT Mother/Daughter Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. As you can see, the girls have big smiles on their faces.

Jinger Duggar And Jana Duggar

Jinger and Jana dutifully attended the conference over the weekend even though their family was in crisis mode. Last Wednesday, Gawker revealed that Josh Duggar’s name appeared on the leaked list of men and women who paid for profiles on Ashley Madison; a website used to arrange extramarital affairs. A day after this story broke, Josh released a statement on the Duggar Family website. He confessed to cheating on his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar, and he called himself “the biggest hypocrite ever.” He also revealed that he’s addicted to pornography.

“While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.”

According to the COMMIT website, the conference that Jana and Jinger Duggar attended was scheduled for August 19-22. The first day of the conference just happened to fall on the same day that Gawker broke the Josh Duggar cheating scandal story, so it was too late for the girls to back out of their speaking obligations. The topics covered at the conference included “Lies We Believe” and “Forgiveness,” but there’s no word on what Jinger and Jana talked about.

The Duggar Family Blog reports that Michelle Duggar was also scheduled to speak at the conference with the girls, and one fan managed to catch the Duggar family matriarch and her daughters making a run for the border over the weekend. The Instagram photo below was taken at a Taco Bell in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Jinger Duggar And Jana Duggar Taco Bell

Fans of 19 Kids and Counting were always fascinated with Jana and Jinger Duggar. They’re the oldest unmarried Duggar daughters, and viewers probably thought that they would eventually get to watch the girls enter into courtships and get married on TV. However, now that their family’s reality show has been cancelled, Jana and Jinger’s wedding experiences will be much different from those of Jessa and Jill — if they choose to get married, that is.

Many fans suspect that Jana and Jinger won’t follow in Jessa and Jill’s footsteps by getting married and pregnant as soon as their father finds an acceptable suitor. As the Inquisitr previously reported, there’s speculation that Jim Bob and Michelle are keeping 25-year-old Jana at home to act as a live-in nanny and housekeeper. The Duggar daughters aren’t allowed to move out of their parents’ house before they get married, and this rule is also preventing 21-year-old Jinger from pursuing her dream of living in a big city. According to Radar Online, Jinger has revealed that she would like to move to a major metropolitan area someday. However, Michelle Duggar made it clear that no daughter of hers will ever live somewhere like NYC, and she seemingly issued a veiled threat to Jinger when she said that she could live with her brother, Josh, in Washington, D.C. instead.

“Jinger would love to spend time with her brother and all their children in Washington,” Michelle told Radar. “New York City is way above what we would ever consider a city where she should move!”

Unfortunately for Jinger, she can’t even move to D.C. now if she wants to. After Josh Duggar admitted to sexually molesting four of his younger sisters, he had to resign from his job with the Family Research Council, and he and Anna Duggar had to move back to Arkansas with the rest of the Duggar family. So for now Jinger has to be content with her new job as her family’s bus driver.

Jinger Duggar Bus

The photo above was posted on the Duggar family Facebook page, and it shows Jinger driving her massive family to a wedding in Tennessee.

Even though Jinger and Jana kept their commitment by speaking at the COMMIT conference, it looks like the girls aren’t the public speakers of the family — they aren’t scheduled to speak alongside Jessa Duggar during any of her numerous upcoming appearances. Jessa is set to speak at four Southern Women’s shows, including one that takes place in North Carolina this Saturday.

Even though Jinger Duggar might not be comfortable speaking in public, Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, did convince her to appear in the YouTube video below. In the video, she talks about how she was “totally broken” when she was 14, and she reveals that she confessed her many “bad deeds” to her parents because she feared not going to heaven. Perhaps those “bad deeds” don’t seem so bad to her in the wake of her older brother’s numerous scandals.

[Image credits: Duggar Family Instagram]