Seinfield Charity Lemonade Stand Shut Down By Cops After Wealthy East Hamptons Neighbor Complains

It seems that lemonade stands are serious business. Jerry Seinfeld and his family learned that not all of their East Hamptons neighbors are keen on the idea of children selling lemonade in their town. Even if their stand is for a good cause.

According to East Hamptons news site 27east, Jerry Seinfeld’s three sons were running a lemonade stand near the family’s Strong Island, N.Y. home on August 18. The goal was to raise money for Baby Buggy, a charity created by Jerry’s wife Jessica to benefit families in need.

Things were going well for the Seinfeld family at first. The kids sold a lot of lemonade to eager customers and raised money quickly. That’s when a neighbor of Seinfeld’s decided that he or she’d had enough of the “ruckus”. The police were tipped off about the lemonade stand and soon set off to enforce the law.

It turns out that in the East Hamptons, all forms of peddling are illegal. Yes, that includes selling lemonade.

A police officer notified the 61-year-old comedian and his family about a complaint that cars were illegally parked around the unlawful lemonade stand. The officer apparently ticketed Seinfeld before ordering the stand shut down.

No lemonade sales for you, Jerry Seinfeld!

It was such a ridiculous situation that Jessica Seinfeld decided to poke fun at it. She snapped a picture of her three sons and Jerry posing with their hands behind their heads; the timing of the photo allowed her to capture the cop and his patrol car in the background. The image was then uploaded to Instagram.

“Lemonade dreams crushed by local neighbor,” she wrote. “But not before raising lots of money!”

Not too surprisingly, people have had plenty to say about the idea that a child, son of Seinfeld or not, running a lemonade stand would get him into trouble.

Someone Called The Cops On Jerry Seinfeld Over A Lemonade Stand. Even the rich have uppity bigoted neighbors

— Evolution Of America (@teamevoultion) August 28, 2015

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time the cops were called by a cranky neighbor to shut down a charity lemonade business.

The Inquisitr previously reported that a nine-year-old autistic boy named Corbin Peter had set up a lemonade stand to raise money for SickKids hospital. A grumpy woman neighbor demanded he stop selling lemonade and when he didn’t listen, she called the cops.

Apparently, some people just don’t like lemonade or the children who sell it for charity.

What say you: Do you think neighbors were right to shut down the Seinfeld lemonade stand or was it just a case of taking things too far? Share your thoughts below!

[Image Credit: Screen Grab From YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers]