Florida Man Pretends To Be A Cop: Threatens Dozens Of Women, Have Unprotected Sex Or Go To Jail

Mark Rose, a 22-year-old man from Florida, was arrested for impersonating a police officer and threatening a dozen women with imprisonment if they didn’t have unprotected sex with him. Rose targeted women for sex, mostly prostitutes, while pretending to be a cop. He then requested unprotected sex and told those that refused he would take them to jail if they didn’t agree. Three of the women conceded and had sex with the fake cop; however, others were skeptical. One of the women, not believing his cover, called the real police and Rose was arrested.

The Daily Mail reports that Mark Rose, 22, was arrested for impersonating a police officer in the commission of felony along with false imprisonment. The Florida man allegedly approached women near a specific warehouse and informed them that he was a police officer. The man then requested the women have sex with him without a condom. As the women were mostly prostitutes, Rose threatened to take them to jail if they didn’t follow his requests. Sadly, at least three of the women followed through with Rose’s demands and had unprotected sex with the fake cop. The women are not being identified for legal reasons.

If the women didn’t believe him, Rose says he would put them in his vehicle and drive them to the Broward Sheriff’s Office in a bid to confirm his police officer story. However, according to NBC Miami, his victims say the drive was an attempt to scare them into having sex with him. Despite the trip to the office, one woman still wasn’t buying his disguise and called the real police for backup as Rose drove her back to a warehouse to have sex.

The police report notes that upon arrest, Rose allegedly admitted to pretending to be a police officer in order to get the women to sleep with him. The real officers say he confessed to using the trick on at least one dozen women. Despite confessing to impersonating an officer, Rose’s lawyer says the false imprisonment charges won’t stand because “‘this is not the first time a man has lied to a woman to have sex.”

“That’s a ruse, but it’s not forcibly or by threat confining her … this is not the first time a man has lied to a woman to have sex.”

What do you think of Rose’s defense to the false imprisonment charges? Should they be void because it wasn’t the first time a man lied to have sex?

[Image Credit: Mugshot]