Samantha Steffen And Amber James Go Out On Dinner Date With Dan Cox And Mikey Tenerelli?

Did Samantha Steffen just give away what happens at the end of season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise? On Thursday, Samantha posted a photo of herself and Amber James out on what looks to be a double date with Dan Cox and Mikey Tenerelli.

The photo shows the four sitting down at a restaurant table. Dan seems to have his arm around Samantha, and Mikey’s arm is clearly wrapped around Amber’s shoulders while Amber holds on to Mikey’s hand. Both Samantha and Amber are wearing revealing dresses. All four are laughing and looking to be having a great time with one another.

Samantha said that she’s grateful to have met Amber, Dan, and Mikey.


Samantha’s photo prompted some to wonder if Samantha is now coupled up with Dan and Amber with Mikey. One person wrote that Dan deserves better than Samantha. Of course, the four could just be really good friends.

So far on Bachelor in Paradise, Dan Cox and Amber James have something going on together. Dan, after seeing some of Ashley Salter’s questionable behavior, dumped her. Upon Amber’s arrival, the two enjoyed a romantic date in Puerto Vallarta.

Mikey Tenerelli was brought back to the show after Juelia Kinney told host Chris Harrison about feeling as if she was duped by Joe Bailey and wondering if there was any chance for Mikey, who had tried to warn her about Joe and stood up for her, to come back. After Juelia didn’t get a rose at a rose ceremony, she walked out, right into the arms of Mikey. The last episode showed the two enjoying a date in Guadalajara, where they watched a Luche Libre wrestling match. They then spent the night together in the same suite.

As for Samantha, on the show she’s currently embroiled in drama. After arousing the group’s suspicions, she and Joe admitted that they texted one another prior to the show. Joe admitted that he went out on a date with Juelia and led her to believe that they had romantic connection just to get a rose from her so that he could stay and wait for Samantha’s arrival. Unfortunately for Joe, Samantha later started backtracking from their romance. Upon being dumped by Samantha, Joe became furious, threatened to expose her, and called her a “b***h.”. He said that he would show everyone the texts that they exchanged, specifically the one in which Samantha told Joe to do whatever it takes to stay on the show until her arrival.

While it’s not clear what will happen to Samantha Steffen at the end of Bachelor in Paradise, whether viewers will indeed see her coupled up with Dan Cox and her friend Amber James coupled up Mikey Tenerelli, what is clear is that she now feels sorry, or at least wants people to believe that she’s sorry, for what she did to her former friend Juelia Kinney. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Samantha, immediately after she was shown in a bad light on the show, expressed regret over her treatment of Juelia and her involvement with Joe Bailey.

[Photo by Jesse Grant / Getty Images]