‘Destiny’ Nightfall Strikes And Heroic Activities Changing With ‘The Taken King’

Bungie revealed changes to Nightfall and Heroic Strikes on Thursday, proving that there’s little in Destiny that’s not being touched with The Taken King expansion. Crucible is changing as well with new bounties that grant Nightfall tier rewards for those PlayStation and Xbox players that prefer to roll in multiplayer.

The danger behind the Nightfall Strike has always been the risk of the entire Destiny fireteam getting killed and thus booted back to orbit to start it all over again from the beginning. Creative Director Luke Smith says that this caused players to play safe instead of “running through the world as a monster killing machine.”

The death penalty for Nightfall is now going to copy the death mechanic from raid activities and put players in a 30-second time out. What is not known at this time is if the Nightfall will start all the way over at the beginning or at the last checkpoint.

The Nightfall will require players to reach the new level cap of 40 to run, however. The buff that comes from completing the Nightfall is also being removed due to Bungie feeling like it forced players to complete the activity the first thing after the weekly reset. It will come back in some form, but XP and reputation points have been adjusted upwards to compensate.

The Weekly Heroic Strike is perhaps the most tweaked as it will no longer be a single weekly event. Instead, it will be an entire playlist called the Vanguard Heroic Playlist that guarantees a Legendary Engram drop from the first Strike completed from the playlist every week.

As previously covered, the Legendary Marks earned from the Strikes will now be at the account level and the weekly cap has been removed. The number of Marks that can be held is still maxed out at 200 though, but players can earn Marks from the first three Vanguard Heroic Strikes completed every week.

Destiny: The Taken King - Daily Heroic Rewards (PlayStation, Xbox)

Both the Daily Heroic mission and Daily Crucible playlist will be more rewarding when Destiny: The Taken King launches as you can see in the image from one of the teaser videos above. Ten Legendary Marks are granted along with 20 reputation points, a Legendary Engram, and a rare weapon. These are account-level rewards as well, as Smith explains, that Bungie does not want players to feel obligated to switch characters.

Speaking of Crucible, New PVP Weekly quests are being added to Lord Shaxx and the Crucible Quartermaster in Destiny‘s Tower. Shaxx will also have a bounty called “The True Meaning of War.” Completing all of the weekly PVP quests will fulfill this bounty and grant players a Nightfall tier reward.

Regular Crucible activities are not being left out. Bungie is promising greater rewards there too.

What do you think of the changes to Destiny activities like Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strikes? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie]