Jimmy Fallon Hosts Tatiana Maslany, Gets 'Orphan Black' Spoilers [Video]

Jimmy Fallon hosted the ever-populated Emmy-nominated actress Tatiana Maslany, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on August 21, 2015.

Tatiana is noted for her performances on the hit show Orphan Black, where she doesn't play one character... but six. Six individual, very distinct characters, all played by a single actress, who is now nominated for an Emmy for all six of those characters. Jimmy noted that these aren't the only characters she's played on the show, and Tatiana informed him that she played around "ten, twelve... quite a lot of them have died."

During previous seasons of Orphan Black, Tatiana was not nominated for an Emmy, and social media didn't react kindly to the news. Entertainment Weekly noted how Maslany responded when Jimmy brought up the subject.

"Maslany appeared on Friday night's episode of the The Tonight Show and told host Jimmy Fallon how her prior snubs helped in the show's popularity. 'People on Twitter freaked out [when you weren't nominated]... you were trending,' Fallon told Maslany. 'Yeah, that was the best publicity our show ever got... now we're screwed,' Maslany joked."

Considering her serious acting roles, Tatiana has a healthy amount of humor. The actress noted she was born in Canada, and that she was born in Regina, explaining that it rhymes with the word "China," as well as a particular part of the female anatomy. When the crowd roared in applause, Jimmy was prompted to ask where Regina was located.

"It's in the center," Tatiana sheepishly said.

The band played the appropriate drum roll.

Design and Trend reported that Jimmy asked Maslany how she kept all the characters straight, and if she ever had a difficult time distinguishing between them, and she had this to say.

"It's kind of what I love about the job. It sort of feels stimulating to kind of switch halfway through the day into a totally different life and you know, costume, hair and makeup... It all changes and I get to explore a different kind of energy and a different kind of storyline... and it just feels like we're shooting a thousand different movies."

It was brought up that Maslany started her career dancing when she was little more than a baby, and that she still dances today. She noted that she sometimes does a "drop-in dance class," including hip-hop dancing. The audience wanted Jimmy to make her dance, but he passed, citing that he would never force someone to do that during their first visit to the show.

Considering how skilled she is, Tatiana was one of the more quiet and well-behaved guests that Jimmy Fallon has had on his show for quite some time. Perhaps during her next visit, Jimmy will manage to convince her to show off some of her dance moves!

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]