WWE News: Update On Why Sting Is Facing Seth Rollins For The WWE World Title At ‘WWE Night Of Champions’

As we saw on WWE RAW, the Icon Sting returned to the WWE to confront The Authority and WWE World Heavyweight and U.S. Champion Seth Rollins. Triple H announced on the WWE Network as RAW ended that Rollins would take on Sting at the WWE Night of Champions PPV for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This is a huge thing, as it gives Sting his first WWE World Title match in his career.

Many fans love the idea of Sting facing Rollins for the WWE World Title. However, there are some out there who do not want to see Sting as World Champion or even in the match itself. However, this storyline with Sting is set to go somewhere positive for both Sting and WWE. It looks as if WWE actually made plans for Sting and Rollins quite late.

According to Cageside Seats, WWE decided on Sting being in the WWE World Title match just days before WWE SummerSlam. This means that the plans WWE had for Sting beforehand were legit, but they changed up for him to be in the title match.

Many believe that Sting could very well take the title, and they aren’t off with that thought.

Seth Rollins will have held the WWE World Heavyweight Title for a good six months. This is a terrific first run with any title, even more so the top prize in all of pro-wrestling. It was said that Rollins was supposed to lose the WWE World Title around this time, however, WWE appears to have extended it to help further yet another storyline.

Sting surprises WWE

The reason many believe Sting is being put into this match is not only to give Rollins a good opponent to help with WWE Network sales, but also to have Sting win it. The rumor going around is that Sting will win the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Once he does so, Sheamus will most likely cash in his Money in the Bank case to then take the title from him.

This gives Sting the right to say that he held the WWE World Heavyweight Title, albeit briefly, in his wrestling career. It is the only World Title he has never held from a major company. He clearly deserved to win this title years ago, but due to him not being with WWE, that obviously couldn’t happen.

The story goes that Sting will win, Sheamus will cash in, and Sheamus will then be part of The Authority. This cash-in not only helps Sheamus get over as a heel, but it also allows him to jump up the rung and become one of the top stars in WWE. The idea is that Sheamus would take the Rollins role, which would then push Rollins out of The Authority. The idea is that by cashing in on Rollins, you get Sheamus over as a face. So it has to be Sting. This also allows for tension within The Authority.

It has been rumored for some time that Seth Rollins will turn babyface, but the plans have continuously been put on hold. If Sheamus does cash in, Rollins will likely turn after this. WWE clearly has an interesting story for the next half of the year with this, so we certainly need to keep an eye out for what occurs.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com]