WWE News: WWE And United States Champion Seth Rollins Likely Not Pulling Double Duty At ‘WWE Night Of Champions’

WWE World Heavyweight Champion as well as WWE United States Champion Seth Rollins has been on a roll all year long. Rollins is now a technical triple crown champion in WWE, which is a big deal in today’s WWE. Rollins won the US Title when he beat John Cena at WWE SummerSlam this past Sunday. He did have help from former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, but semantics aside, Rollins now has two championships.

This has led to some problems for many, as most want to know if Rollins will be a fighting champion with both titles. It does look like he will probably end up defending the United States Title a bit. However, he may not for a while. It was reported by Cageside Seats that WWE removed the US Title from the active title list on WWE.com. It does appear that WWE put it back up, but it does not appear as if WWE is willing to have Rollins defend the US Title around the same time he would defend his WWE World Heavyweight Title.

There are rumors going around claiming that WWE will have Seth Rollins defend his newly-won United States Championship as well as his WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE Night of Champions in late September. This looks to be highly unlikely.

There is a thought that Rollins will defend the US Title, but probably on WWE RAW. WWE already made a match for Rollins at Night of Champions, where he will face Sting for the WWE World Title. This will be built up massively the next few weeks. It would not do the US Title justice to have Rollins work two different programs — especially after John Cena added prestige to the title again.

From a storyline perspective, The Authority wouldn’t want Seth to have two matches in the same night. Much less would they want him to put both of his championships on the line. Weirder things have happened, however.

There are some who believe that Sting will take the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. The idea is that he would win it and be cashed-in on by Sheamus, which would allow Sting to win a match and the only World Title he has never held in a major company. It would also allow WWE to still have an active worker hold the main title once Sheamus takes it from Sting.

Many believe this will happen due to WWE’s predictable moves over the years with similar things. It makes total sense, but it is not confirmed that this will happen. As for Seth Rollins wrestling twice, this looks unlikely due to storyline purposes. The Authority wants to keep Rollins a dual champion as long as possible. It is thought that Rollins could lose the US Title back to John Cena at some point in September, but for now, we do not know when Cena will get his rematch — if he ever does.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]