Toddler Hospitalized After Eating Bag Of Marijuana Found Outside Parents’ Home

A toddler was recently hospitalized after eating marijuana found outside of his parents’ home. According to Opposing Views, Stacey Cotterill had stepped out of her apartment to empty the trash.

With her 19-month-old son Archie in tow, she made her way to the disposal area, but her young son became distracted by an oddity he spotted on the ground. It has been reported that the toddler noticed a bag of marijuana on the ground. Archie did just as many other toddlers do with foreign objects; he put it in his mouth.

Needless to say, Cotterill was completely horrified once she realized what was inside the bag her young son had gotten ahold of. Although she immediately took the marijuana away from him, she noticed there was a hole inside the bag. Unsure if her son had consumed any of the contents she panicked.

During a recent interview with the Manchester Evening News, Cotterill recalled the devastating incident in great detail. After being rushed to the Macclesfield Hospital, Cotterill’s worse fears were confirmed — her son had eaten some of the marijuana inside the open bag.

“It was horrific,” the 25-year-old mother said. “I took the bins out with Archie and saw him bend down and pick something up. It had green stuff inside, it was cannabis and it was in his mouth. I snatched it away and there was a tear in the bag so I panicked and took him in a taxi to Macclesfield Hospital. He was very pale and really hyperactive, with a high temperature and was being sick. They kept him in overnight and monitored his heart rate and oxygen. The doctors think he swallowed some of the drugs. It was horrible, he was very distressed.”

Cotterill has also admitted that this is not the first time they’ve found illegal substances and needles on the ground outside their apartment. In fact, they’ve even filed complaints with the housing authority for the apartment complex, but to no avail. “We’ve reported it to the landlord but nothing has been done,” Cotterill said. “It’s disgusting that people can leave drugs that a child can pick up. It could have been a lot worse.”

However, this particular incident prompted the release of a formal statement by the housing authority. Peter Harrison, Head of Cheshire for Your Housing Group, released a statement addressing the situation.

“Your Housing Group has a zero tolerance approach surrounding drug use at all of our properties… “We work in partnership with the Police on any matters involving criminal behaviour, and all reports received by Your Housing Group relating to any suspected drug use are passed directly to the Police. Should it be found that there has been a breach of the tenancy agreement then Your Housing Group will consider appropriate action to prohibit this behaviour.”

The Cheshire Police Department has also released an update about the investigation, stating that the substance is currently being tested. Luckily, recent reports have revealed the toddler has since recovered from the incident.

[Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images]