'Mad Max: Fury Road' Gets 'Honest Trailers' Treatment Just In Time For Blu Ray Release [Video]

The Mad Max: Fury Road "Honest Trailers" treatment has arrived, and it points out exactly what was wrong with the film. While many fans found themselves enjoying the new film, which replaces Mel Gibson with Tom Hardy, it still had its flaws.

The release of what many consider to be the best action movie of the year is closing in on the Mad Max: Fury Road release date of September 1. Some critics have even called it one of the best films of 2015, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Screen Junkies has taken the film and broken it down into what the fans might get a laugh out of.

Opinions have definitely differed over this film, with some pointing out what they believe to be feminist influences. However, Screen Junkies decided not to mention anything about that in their Mad Max: Fury Road "honest trailer."

As usual, the "honest trailer" starts out with what appear to be hundreds of requests to cover the movie, more than usual for most films. Then it pokes fun at how most movies these days are full of CGI and next to no practical effects. The narrator mentions how this one uses practical effects all over the screen, and then states that the director's previous films included Happy Feet and Babe: Pig in the City.

Then the narrator tells us what the story encompasses.

"When a brutal patriarch oppresses his people, one woman will rise against him and steal the brides who refuse to be his property. [This] bada** sharpshooting truck driver races across the desert to freedom and liberates the tortured human livestock from his oppressive rule – oh, and there's a guy named Max in it too. He just kind of hangs out."
The Mad Max: Fury Road "honest trailer" continues to talk about what Tom Hardy actually does in the film.
"Tom Hardy kind of stars as Mad Max, the role Mel Gibson got too mad to play. He's a man of few words, but many grunts, who spends most of the film being chained to various things."
The narrator pokes fun at how the protagonists basically just turn left, drive across the desert, and then turn around and drive back the way they came. He mentions how humanity is running short on fuel and water, but everyone seems bent on wasting both, with man-made waterfalls and gas guzzling monster trucks.

What did you think of the Mad Max: Fury Road "Honest Trailers" treatment?

[Image via the HD Room]