No, Calvin Harris Did Not Defend Taylor Swift Again On Twitter

Calvin Harris is being accused of defending Taylor Swift’s honor yet again. Rumors swirled that the DJ and producer was defending his girlfriend once again when a feud between Taylor Swift’s and Avril Lavigne’s fans previously broke out on Twitter.

One of Lavigne’s fans tweeted that the “Bad Blood” singer liked a Tumblr post comparing her meet and greet photos to the “Hello Kitty” singer’s awkward meet and greet photos.

Lavigne took to Twitter to slam the singer and put their brief feud to rest. She tweeted: “Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are. We all love our fans.”

Avril even included a collage of meet and greets with her fans with the following caption: “So let’s keep it all about the love and stay positive.”

Fans hinted that Avril’s tweets is what caused DJ Calvin Harris to butt in yet again. He allegedly tweeted on Monday, Aug. 24, “Taylor didn’t judge you. She doesn’t judge anyone! She was only having fun with her fans, not trying to compare herself to you.” The fan also said that Calvin deleted the tweet before it was even noticed by the public.


It was also assumed that Harris was across the globe when this tweet was allegedly sent out. Now Harris is denying the rumors that he defended Swift’s honor. He took to Twitter to exclaim, “I’m not in favour of photoshopping fake tweets and then running them on your news outlet daily mail etc that’s really f***ed up.”

It sounds like the Daily Mail and several other news outlets thought that the alleged screengrabs of the DJ’s tweet was for real. That settles that then. It’s probably because it isn’t the first time that Calvin has got himself involved in a debate on Twitter. Just last week, Zayn Malik tweeted a comparison photo of Taylor and Miley and their thoughts on the music industry. The original Twitter account slammed Taylor for her greedy business tactics while praising Miley for her laid-back attitude on making money.

Calvin Harris wasn’t too happy when Malik agreed. He took to Twitter to exclaim his frustration and to defend his girlfriend’s honor.

“You’ve made your money? Cool…f**k the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah f**k. If u don’t get what it means when a successful artist uses their celebrity to benefit every other musician and songwriter in the industry stay out of my f**kin mentions pls.”

Meanwhile, a previous report via the Hollywood Life claims that Calvin is still defending Taylor Swift’s honor, but only behind closed doors. An inside source told the celebrity gossip site that the “Summer” DJ thinks that Avril is jealous of Taylor and her success.

“Calvin thinks it’s plain and simple, everyone is jealous of his girl. Taylor is constantly picked on for every little thing she does and Calvin’s advice is to stay positive and not take it personally.”

It sounds like the hit-making producer is on the same page as Avril Lavigne, even if he reportedly accused her of being “jealous.”

The alleged snitch also hinted that Harris is getting to understand Swift’s relationship with her dedicate fans. She’s known for liking their posts on Tumblr, inviting them to her house for album-listening parties, and showing up at their weddings or bridal showers. Swift likes to let her fans know she cares by reaching out to them every chance she gets.

“He knows how Taylor is with her fans, they mean everything to her and she knows she wouldn’t be where she is without them. So yes, Taylor doesn’t understand when other famous singers don’t fully embrace them.”

It’s safe to say that Calvin and Taylor should both stay off social media for a while. Just like Taylor’s receiving backlash for her social media likes, Calvin has been getting flack for his controversial comments on social media.

[Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]