WWE News: Backstage News On WWE’s Reaction To Fans Booing The Divas On ‘WWE Raw’

The Divas Revolution has remained a hot-button issue inside the WWE. Over a month ago, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch all debuted on the WWE main roster. Each woman aligned herself with a stable that evening. Since then, the WWE has tried to get all three stables over, which has had its successes.

Then again, there is just as much drama rumored backstage. WrestleZone reported two days ago that John Cena went to Vince McMahon and wanted the Divas Revolution halted in favor of his girlfriend and Divas champion, Nikki Bella. Whether that is fact or not, it’s a shock that neither NXT woman has fought for the title.

In the latest update of that story, WrestleZone is now saying that Dave Meltzer isn’t totally for, or against the idea of John Cena sticking up for Bella. He is an influence on her success and has reportedly spoken up before when she was about to lose the Divas title. However, this case isn’t set in stone yet. It’s still unclear if Cena truly halted a WWE Divas title run for Charlotte.

As for last night, it was apparent that the WWE Universe wasn’t impressed. They saw Team PCB vs. Team Bella in a six-man tag-team match. Throughout the span of this Divas Revolution, the wrestling has improved immensely. However, last night had the WWE Universe chanting “boring.” According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE’s reaction to the crowd’s jeers was revealed.

“Right after Paige took Nikki Bella to the corner and did a shoulder block, RAW suddenly cut to a commercial. This cut out most of the ‘boring’ chants, the wave and the ‘we are awesome’ chants.”

“It’s no secret that both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are big supporters of the current Divas Revolution storyline and they likely wanted the post-SummerSlam RAW to have the same special feeling that the post-WrestleMania RAW events have.”

Luckily, Becky Lynch and Charlotte didn’t lash out at the WWE fans on Twitter. One-third of Team PCB did. Paige tweeted out her feelings after WWE Raw, but it has since been deleted.

“You helped us create change and then did your best to disrespect. Niceeeee jobbbbbbbb! – Paige”

Since Paige, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte are better wrestlers than Team Bella, one can assume that it’s frustrating to lose to them. WWE NXT has balanced competition, as to where the WWE main roster doesn’t contain all Indy wrestlers who honed their craft over the last 15 years. It’s looking like one of the Divas Revolution women will win the WWE Divas championship soon, unless another halt in their push occurs.

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