‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Delivers The Goods In A Minute-Long Trailer [Video]

There’s a new trailer out for Ash vs Evil Dead and this is no 10-second teaser, but a full one-minute trailer that gives fans a good look at Bruce Campbell as Ash and The King is in rare form! Even one minute gives Evil Dead fans much of what they have been wanting in a return to the franchise, proving that the partnership between Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell can do in ten 30-minute episodes what others do in a full-length feature film.

As Comicbook describes it so aptly, Campbell returns as “the brash yet likeable one-handed, chainsaw-wielding killing machine,” while Lucy Lawless once again reunites with Bruce on-screen. In Ash vs Evil Dead, Lawless will again be playing opposite Campbell’s character, just as was the case when Sam Raimi first brought the two together on Xena: Warrior Princess.

Speaking of Sam Raimi, Bruce was asked by MLive to reflect on which collaboration with Raimi was his favorite and the Evil Dead star’s answer may come as a surprise to long-time fans.

“I think the first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead may be my favorite project with Sam. I did a lot of cameos in a lot of things with him over the years. But, this project involved us getting back together for the first time in a long time.”

The Ash vs Evil Dead star also revealed to the Michigan-based newspaper that the entire series was shot in New Zealand in spite of the show’s local setting.

“The entire show is shot in New Zealand, but takes place in Michigan. Isn’t it funny that you have to go around the world to recreate something in Michigan? You’re going to see MSU, Faygo, and more. We had a great team put the whole thing together.”

“We are even using Sam’s original car from high school in the show,” adds the Evil Dead star. “They put it on a boat and shipped it to New Zealand.”

The collaboration between Sam and Bruce produced an impressive series on a reasonable budget, something to please both Evil Dead fans and network executives, but Campbell acknowledges Ash vs Evil Dead wasn’t exactly what most people had in mind.

“There was a big demand for another movie. But, we didn’t think Evil Dead needed to be a $100 million dollar project. I had been doing a lot as a TV actor and director, so we decided to do it from a TV perspective.”

The Ash vs Evil Dead series premiere will air on Saturday, October 31 on Starz.

[Featured image courtesy of Starz/Ash vs Evil Dead]