Body Of British Hiker Jacqueline Tennant Who Went Missing In 2007 Found In Majorcan Mountains

The body of 45-year-old British hiker Jacqueline Tennant, who went missing nearly eight years ago after telling co-workers she was going for a walk, was found in the Majorcan Mountains, according to the Daily Mirror.

On October 9, 2007, Tennant was last seen leaving the Holiday Village Viv where she worked to walk on the Majorcan Mountains. When she never returned, co-workers became concerned and alerted police who began searching for the British hiker, but was unsuccessful.

However, eight years after she vanished without a trace, her skeletal remains were found in the Majorcan Mountains. Investigators aren’t sure how she died, but they believe that her death was an accident. It will not be for certain until a medical examiner analyzes the remains.

“The Guardia Civil informs that the human remains found yesterday afternoon by a mountain walker correspond to those of the British national Jacqueline Marie Tennant who disappeared in 2007,” a spokesperson said.

“Everything is pointing towards her suffering an accident while she was hiking, although this will need to be confirmed by the autopsy. ID documents identifying the dead woman as the missing British national were found on her.”

“The discovery was made early yesterday afternoon in a remote area which is reached from the old path from Pollenca to Lluc after an hour and a half walking across the mountains. The remains were recovered by Guardia Civil mountain specialists who were taken to the spot by the person who found them.”

“Despite the fact that I’ve been to Majorca several times, we’ve carried out searches with global rescue teams from the UK, we’ve searched the mountains and the streams, we’ve had no sightings of her or any indication as to what could have happened to her,” said Tennant’s sister Monique after she had been missing for six months.

“You can’t grieve. Every day is a day of ‘Am I going to hear some news? What do I do? Do I continue to search? Do I stop? If I stop, have I failed her?’ It’s very difficult. Until you have closure, you cannot grieve or lay things to rest so it’s ongoing.”

An investigation has been launched in the death of Jaqueline Tennant. Her sister stated that a British man had been previously questioned over her disappearance, and now that her sister has been discovered dead, she wants the man to be questioned again.

“In all my dreams, she is alive. I don’t know but I don’t feel within my heart that she is dead. But I’m keeping an open mind. I will not rest until there is some kind of conclusion,” Monique said.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]