Ariana Grande Thrills Manila With Madonna And Whitney Houston Covers

Ariana Grande has moved past Donutgate and into the Philippines. She performed in Manila this weekend and, by most accounts, thrilled fans. Philstar Entertainment reports on Grande’s performance.

“Ariana packed her 17-song concert with the usual hits, as well as a few surprises. She opened big with ‘Bang Bang.’ Early in the show, she paid tribute to Whitney Houston and Madonna by performing a medley of their songs.”

Ariana Grande played Madonna’s “Vogue” and Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman.” Grande has always said that her act is heavily influenced by these two pop legends. Rappler gave the show a very positive review.

“Ariana Grande enraptured Pinoy fans with her soulful and soaring voice… Performing her latest songs live, the vocal powerhouse can put on an electrifying show.”

The review praised Ariana Grande for being able to dance and still hit those high notes. It also praised Ariana’s several virtual guests. It sounds like Ariana Grande has survived Donutgate, at least in the Philippines. Billboard, who recently wrote an article on the topic, thinks the whole Ariana Grande backlash bit was overplayed.

“What might once have been a not exactly commendable but trivial incident of young, romance-besotted obnoxiousness becomes, in the hyper-efficient 2015 ecosystem of scandal and reaction, a frenzy.”

Ariana Grande’s donut scandal is remarkable, not because Grande committed a horrible crime. However, it shows how the Internet lynch mob just waits for the smallest things in order to attack celebrities, especially women. There was even talk about Grande being charged for her non-crime.

According to USA Today, Joe Marin of Wolfee Donuts, where the incident took place, told a Canadian radio show that he filed charges against Grande and that information that he decided not to press charges was completely false. It appears that Marin is milking the publicity for his donut shop for every penny it’s worth. Last month, the Inquisitr reported that business at the donut shop had tripled since Ariana Grande’s scandal.

Meanwhile, Grande is trying to forget the scandal and moving forward musically. MTV recently reported that Ariana will headline the new Disney album, titled We Love Disney. Jessie J and Ne-Yo will also appear on the album, which is scheduled to be released in October. According to MusicTimes, Grande will be releasing the first single from her own upcoming album Moonlight very soon. “Focus on Me” should be released by the end of the month. Let’s hope that radio stations forget about Ariana Grande’s recent donut shop behavior and give the song a chance.

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