‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Secrets Are Revealed And Confrontations Get Ugly

The trial against Franco for the murder of Silas Clay continues on Monday’s General Hospital. Spoilers tease that there are big revelations ahead in this episode on multiple fronts. While some continue to dig to find out who really killed Silas, a lot of drama is playing out in the courtroom. What can viewers expect?

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Scotty Baldwin will have a lot of questions as he has Denise DeMuccio on the stand. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll be set to tell everybody that she’s really Ava Jerome, and naturally this comes as a shock to many.

While Kiki will be quite excited to know her mom is still alive, apparently, Morgan is quite shaken by this revelation. This will lead to a lot of emotion from him this week as he catches up with the truth. Also ahead soon, Alexis will learn that Ava is still alive via Julian. General Hospital spoilers detail that Alexis will talk with Sam and mention some suspicions regarding Julian.

As She Knows Soaps details, Julian and Sonny will have a confrontation in Monday’s episode, as well. Both men are convinced that the other is setting them up. However, there are some General Hospital spoilers swirling that it ultimately could be Carlos Rivera behind this mob drama instead.

Monday’s episode will show Nathan and Maxie working to figure out why Silas would kidnap Avery, as Nathan opens up to Maxie about what he knows. In addition, Liz and Patrick will spend some time together talking about their relationships with Jake and Sam.

General Hospital spoilers share that Jake will spend some quality time with little Jake, and the two bond quite a bit. Will this time together spark some memories for Jake that he’s really Jason and little Jake’s father? It seems that’s not coming quite yet, but this big revelation is coming not too far down the road.

Many GH fans are feeling quite anxious about seeing some significant forward progress on the Jake Doe/Jason Morgan front. Obviously, with Hayden Barnes awake and aware of the information she has, many suspect that she’ll be key to blowing this up. However, there have also been General Hospital spoilers swirling that components of this storyline will continue into the November sweeps.

As the week continues, viewers will see more residents of Port Charles learning key truths. However, the reality about who killed Silas seemingly remains under wraps for a bit yet. How far will Morgan sink as he confronts the truth about Ava and Denise? General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s plenty more drama on the way, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of it.

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