Calvin Harris Prevented Mark Wright From The Spinning The Decks In Vegas

More dirty details about Calvin Harris are coming out to the public. British reality star Mark Wright is sharing his encounter with the super star DJ and producer. He’s claiming that Calvin’s Hollywood status prevented him from spinning the decks in Las Vegas.

It sounds like Calvin Harris is still holding onto his bad boy image. After all, Taylor Swift has had her share of dating bad boys in the past. Harris, 31, is making headlines for rejecting Mark Wright at one of his gigs.

Mark Wright told several British news outlets that Calvin Harris wouldn’t allow him to spin on the decks during his set in Las Vegas. The television personality traveled to Vegas where he attended Calvin’s gig at Hakkasan. He was invited into the DJ booth to hang out with Calvin, but he wasn’t allowed to spin the decks.

Wright told Digital Spy at the V Festival that Harris wouldn’t allow him to go near the decks at all. But Mark claims that he doesn’t have any bad blood with the hit maker. He understands Calvin’s reason for preventing him from spinning on the decks.

“When you pull a tune in, and the crowd…there’s arms going in the air, there’s no better feeling. So Calvin Harris, doing it in front of that many people, he must have hairs standing up on the back of his neck.”

It sounds like Harris didn’t want his moment overshadowed by a reality star from across the pond.

Mark was able to get a photo with Calvin Harris before he left the place. The former reality TV star shared a selfie with the music producer on Twitter. Mark also revealed whether or not he would dabble into DJing or music producing.


“Nah never, I don’t think I’ve got it in my locker to start making my own songs at the moment.”

He also revealed that he’s not even a huge fan of music festivals since he’s a “bit of a clean freak.”

Calvin Harris is currently headlining the V Festival in Chelmsford on Sunday, August 23. Before his performance, Ellie Goulding, Ella Henderson, and The Script are expected to take the stage.

Although Mark Wright didn’t take Harris’ rejection as a diss, the DJ has been making headlines all on his own. It has some fans wondering if Taylor Swift is dating the right guy for her. Harris previously got himself in a Twitter feud with Zayn Malik all because of his girlfriend’s success.

Zayn’s fans were obviously upset about their feud, so they dug up some of Calvin’s misogynistic remarks and comments on social media in retaliation. Even a video of the “Summer” DJ’s bad boy antics immediately went viral. It shows Calvin making fun of a girl at one of his shows and calling her a “dumb f***ing b***h” just because she asked him to make something up on the turntables. Before having her kicked out, Calvin egged on the crowd to call her names.

What are your thoughts on Calvin Harris’ rude behavior? Do you think it’s a bad reflection on Swift’s good-girl image? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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