Jill Scott: ‘Hello Beautiful Interludes LIVE!’ Tunes Up With ‘Jilly From Philly’ Tonight On TV One

The lovely Jill Scott will be making her debut on Hello Beautiful Interludes on TV One tonight. It’s been 15 years since her last album, so tonight’s highly anticipated show should offer her loyal fans some wonderful entertainment and amusement. The Philadelphia-born native, known as “Jilly from Philly,” got her start on the spoken word circuit during her younger years before being signed for her debut album in 2000 entitled “Who Is Jill Scott.”

Tonight’s Hello Beautiful Interludes LIVE! will give viewers the chance to see Jill Scott performing some of her new hits as well as some of her old tunes. In addition to her soulful songs, fans will go behind the curtain to get into the mind of Jill Scott as she sits down for an interview to answer some of the most thought-provoking questions about her life.

TV One audiences can expect to hear Jill performing her song “Put Me Back Together,” which was inspired by her previous relationship and a beautiful moment that she had with her son—a moment that helped her to pick her up when she felt like she was down. In the interview, Jill states that she believes it’s okay for a person to have breakdowns every now and then, and that at times, a person needs to go to another part of the room to have their moment. She also thinks it is important for a person to be able to “put themselves back together” after facing hurtful situations.

“Closure” is another riveting song that Jill will perform that tells the story of a woman who makes love to her soon-to-be ex one last time before she boots him out of her home without breakfast the next morning. The album’s entire theme seems to include vague references to her past relationship, and the pain that accompanied it. The beautiful singer and actress is known for her sultry voice, her sensual moves, and her passionate delivery during her performances, and that’s exactly what makes her so endearing to her fans.

Something else that stands out about Jill is her ability to captivate audiences with her words. Her impeccable vocabulary is due in part to a wonderful English teacher who encouraged her love for writing and poetry, according to HelloBeautiful. Do yourself a favor. Be sure to catch Jill Scott’s performance and interview on #HelloBeautiful Interludes LIVE! tonight on TV One at 10/9 pm central.

‘Put Me Back Together’ Song by Jill Scott

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