Terrence Howard And Mira Pak Secretly Divorced Before Their Son Was Born [Video]

Terrence Howard is reportedly divorced from his ex-wife, Mira Pak. The shocking news of his divorce from Pak came out during the closing arguments during the trial regarding the lawsuit involving his second wife, Michelle Ghent. Mira Pak and Terrence have a newborn son together, making the news of their terminated nuptials even more shocking.

According to the Daily Mail, the judge presiding over the lawsuit let slip that Terrence and Mira secretly divorced before their son was born, citing “irreconcilable differences” in a Chicago court. The media also learned that Mira has not lived with Howard since August. Mira and Terrence were married in October of 2013, and announced their pregnancy in January, 2015.

The New York Daily News obtained legal documents which show that Mira Pak wished to end her marriage to Howard, and started divorce proceedings last March, despite being pregnant the son she and Howard share together. Several months after filing, Pak gave birth to Qirin Love.

Despite his secret divorce from Pak, Terrence is reportedly enamored with Qirin. Howard shared a photo of Qirin over Twitter when the baby was born, captioning the intimate snap, “A mythical ½ dragon ½ lion who glides above the land so as not to harm even a blade of grass… meet Qirin Love!” Access Hollywood reports that Terrence Howard and Mira Pak named their child Qirin “after the mythic Chinese creature, the qilin, which is believed to come before a time of prosperity.” Terrence has also cooed about his baby boy, “He’s beautiful and strong and a whirlwind and [Mira] is so happy.”

The shocking news of his divorce from Mira Pak is only part of his troubles, however. Terrence has been wrangled in a nasty lawsuit with his second wife, Michelle Ghent, for months. Terrence asserts that Ghent is guilty of trying to extort money from him, and Howard is attempting to overturn his 2012 divorce settlement with Ghent. Howard claims that Ghent received such a large divorce settlement only after she threatened to release footage of Howard dancing naked and having phone sex with other women.

Howard’s relationship with Ghent is described as “fiery,” and a year after their divorce, Howard professed his love to his second wife. When asked why he did so, especially after being extorted, Howard replied, “”I loved her, and I was afraid of her also.” The judge told Terrence and his second wife that he will issue a ruling early next week, reports The New York Daily News. It’s not clear if Pak was at the trial also.

[Image credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]