Flyboarding Takes Off On Instagram: Kylie Jenner And Tyga's Flyboard Pics Go Viral

Flyboarding was already a popular thing before Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Tyga engaged in the practice. According to Google, the word "flyboard" receives 22,200 searches per month, and "flyboarding" gets 12,100 searches per month. Add on terms like "water jet pack" with its 18,100 searches per month, and it's definitely a practice that's trending upward since July of 2014.

Even if "King Kylie" didn't yet post any flyboarding pics on her Instagram account, TMZ has them covered. The publication posed photos of Jenner and Tyga vacationing in St. Barts after her 18th birthday, and flyboarding seems to be the order of the day.

Various Instagram accounts are also posting Tyga and Kylie's flyboarding photos taken during their family vacation on the French-speaking Caribbean island found east of the Dominican Republic, and farther away from the popular Turks and Caicos Islands. Famous for the white-sand beaches, luxurious hotels, and designer stores, St. Barts might become well known for flyboarding, as well.Flyboarding's popularity is already witnessed by the photos with the hashtag of #flyboarding on Instagram, which enjoys 26,718 posts under that label as of this writing. Some of the latest ones include fan accounts for Kylie and Tyga that display the couple flyboarding.The label #flyboard has even more photos, with 101,028 posts found under that label, with both photos and videos showing the practice that looks like something futuristic out of a James Bond movie.

Some of the flyboarding videos show users flyboarding up in the air and then diving in the water, and re-emerging once more as the flyboard's power lifts them out of the water again.

Amazing flyboarding videos have been recorded from beneath the water, such as one flyboard video above coming out of Miami. Next, the flyboard rider emerges from the surface of the water and flips several times in the air.

The fact that Kylie and Tyga held hands while flyboarding, as noted by Just Jared, is causing fans to find their flyboarding action so cute. The couple was surrounding by photographers as they tried the flyboarding adventure.

As reported by the Inquisitr, flyboarding isn't the only popular tag taking off on Instagram -- even if it might be one of the coolest where adventuresome types are concerns. IIFYM, which stands for "if it fits your macros," is also a popular label taking off on Instagram from those who focus on healthy eating and bodybuilding ventures.

[Photo by Getty Images / Raffi Kirdi]