Ashley Madison Hack News: Woman Told On Live Radio Her Husband Was On Ashley Madison [Video]

The latest news about the Ashley Madison hack continues into Thursday, as a Twitter account that previously published Ashley Madison hack names, as reported by the Inquisitr, has been suspended by Twitter. But the fallout and exposure continues, and sometimes that exposure is prompted by folks searching for news about their own partners.

That was the case for the woman who called into an Australian radio station, as can be heard on the video at Sky News about the Ashley Madison hacking. The woman — who called herself Jo from Blacktow — enlisted help from the radio hosts at Nova FM in order to learn more about why her husband had been acting so strangely lately.

Jo confessed that her husband acted weirdly when she mentioned the Ashley Madison hacking in the news, and that he’d changed his work hours prior to the time the news of the hack broke. That’s when the radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa used the credentials she’d provided them in order to check whether her husband was on Ashley Madison.

“When that little thing came on the news about the Ashley Madison hack, he sort of went a bit funny. I asked him straight out. He said: ‘Don’t be stupid. We’re married, we’ve got two kids.'”

By using one of the popular Ashley Madison search engines now populated all throughout news articles online, the hosts plopped in Jo’s husband’s email address, and then apologized to Jo when it was discovered that her husband indeed had credentials on the Ashley Madison website. For her part, Jo seemed flabbergasted and angry all at the same time, despite her suspicions.

“We’re putting him into this website right now and his details have revealed that he’s actually on the website, Jo.”

After hearing the news about her husband indeed being an Ashley Madison user, Jo could be heard growing angrier and angrier, and began to rail out against Ashley Madison and websites like it that help others cheat.

“Are you serious? Are you freaking kidding me? These websites are disgusting.”

Instead of staying on the phone to process the news about her husband’s participation in Ashley Madison, Jo hung up on the radio hosts. One of the hosts began to feel bad about searching for Jo’s husband’s email address on the Ashley Madison search engine. On social media and in the comments section of the article, people reacted in a variety of ways upon hearing a woman get the news that her husband was on Ashley Madison.

[Image via Ashley Madison]