Names, Photos, And Employers From Ashley Madison Hacked List Being Published On Twitter — State-By-State, Tweet-By-Tweet

The fallout less than 24 hours since lists of real names of Ashley Madison users were published online by the Impact Team is enormous. None of those names from the Ashley Madison exposed list of user names will be published in this article. One woman who came forward says that her email was harvested by the Ashley Madison hackers, as reported by the Inquisitr. Others are having their names published, and the list of names are being published on Twitter.

The name of the Twitter account that’s publishing the list of Ashley Madison names tweet-by-tweet and state-by-state will not be named here, in order to try and preserve the privacy of those appearing on the list.

Nevertheless, the Twitter account has quickly swelled to nearly 4,000 followers and has published nearly 40 tweets. Not only is the account publishing full names, but they are publishing the person’s job position and employer along with the names. Information about the exact date the person made a purchase on Ashley Madison along with photos of the person in some of the tweets are appearing on Twitter as well.

From doctors to teachers — along with the amounts paid and when — are being made public by the account. Not only that, the Twitter account exposing names from the Ashley Madison hacked list of names is placing the different individuals’ Twitter handles in the tweets — sometimes the Twitter handle of their business that they may own.

Little quips about the person are being included in the exposing tweets as well. Some digs include mentions of the person’s wife, and how they might need a new home after the Ashley Madison list of names continues to be exposed.

From coaches claiming their accounts were hacked to folks who are deleting their Twitter accounts that are nearly eight years old, people being exposed via the list of names being published online are reacting in various ways.

Email addresses are included in some of the tweets, which also include some of the names of the person’s employer, be it a school, corporate firm, or doctor’s office.

The person tweeted that they began tweeting the list of names before noon on Wednesday, and after nearly 40 tweets, the Twitter account promises they will continue tomorrow.

Meanwhile, as reported by Wired, other search engines are popping up online that allow users to see if they were exposed via the Ashley Madison hacked list of names.

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