Kelly Rutherford Says Kids Were Afraid To Go Back To Their Father, Actress Explains Their Panic

Actress Kelly Rutherford has been in a custody fight with her ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, since their divorce in 2010. The current court ruling is that Hermes and Helena, the two children who are at the heart of this battle, should reside with their father in Monaco. However, the Gossip Girl actress now says that they were afraid and in a panic at the thought of going back to their dad after she had a five-week visitation with them.

Rutherford told People that right before the kids were supposed to hop on a plane out of the country, their demeanor seemed to take a turn for the worse. She describes that her children seemed afraid as the time got closer to their departure.

“They were totally great the entire time. We were painting, horseback riding. Then right when they knew they were going to go back, they got really panicky. My daughter was crying, my son started saying, ‘Mommy, I’m afraid.'”

Kelly took it upon herself to keep the children from leaving by first contacting her ex by email telling him that she was not returning their kids like she was supposed to, and then finding a safe spot to take them to. Giersch considered this kidnapping since she did not return them after her five weeks were up.

Claiming that she thought that she may never see them again, Rutherford refused to give them back. Her last minute decision to keep her kids forced her back into court where the judge ordered her to give Hermes and Helena up for them to go back to Monaco to live with their dad.

Kelly Rutherford is not giving up. Her next custody court date is now set for September 3. The mom-of-two has been very vocal about this battle. It looks like she will do whatever she can to get them back in the United States with her, even going against a court order. As previously noted by the Inquisitr, Rutherford is very lucky that she had no felony charges against her after “kidnapping” her children.

If Hermes and Helena were actually “panicked” as Kelly said they were, any mother may feel like she did. However, you can’t just go against the ruling and expect there not to be any fallout from it, unless there was evidence that the kids were being abused by their father.

This international custody battle is ongoing for the actress, but for now, the children are safe and sound in Monaco where hopefully they are truly not afraid to be living there. Social media has been buzzing with opinions on this story since it began. Some sympathize with Kelly Rutherford, while others have been very harsh on her.

What are your thoughts on what Kelly said about her two children in a panic over their trip back to Monaco?

[Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images]