Columbus Short Arrested During Album Release Party By Bounty Hunters

Columbus Short’s attempt to celebrate the release of his latest album ended in about as shambolic a fashion as you can imagine as the musician and actor was reportedly arrested for several outstanding charges.

According to TMZ, Columbus Short was put in handcuffs by sheriffs and bounty hunters while he was inside a club at Universal Studios City Walk in Los Angeles. This occurred just before he was about to conduct a soundcheck for his album release party.

But why was 32-year-old Columbus Short arrested? Well, it was because he had failed to attend a number of domestic violence cases in court over the last few months. A judge has now grown tired of his constant non-appearances in court, which is why they then issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the actor.

TMZ have also released a video of Short being arrested, during which he is clearly agitated and can be heard stating that he doesn’t feel safe in the custody of the bounty hunters.

Bounty hunters were on the prowl for Columbus Short because they were after a cut of his $500,000 bail. They had decided to conduct his arrest at this point because they were worried that he was about to try and flee the United States Of America. It’s not known where he was planning to go to, though, but it has been previously reported that he had fled to Barbados to escape arrest.

According to Philly, Columbus Short is wanted by officials after he was charged with a felony for battery. This incident occurred in bar brawl back in March 2014.

But this isn’t Columbus Short’s only outstanding charge. That’s because he is also on probation after he pleaded no contest to the charge of misdemeanor spousal battery against his estranged wife, Tanee McCall, back in the summer of 2014.

Columbus Short originally rose to prominence thanks to his choreography work on Britney Spears’ Onyx Hotel Tour. But he later gained notoriety for his appearances in the films Stomp The Yard, Cadillac Records, The Losers, and as a series regular on Scandal.

However, in April 2014, it was announced that Short would be leaving Scandal after the accusations that he had hit his second wife McCall started to come to light.

Columbus Short was previously married to Brandi Short until 2003, while his marriage to McCall lasted from 2005 until 2013. He has two children, a son that he had with Short, and a daughter, Ayala, with McCall.

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)