Joe Bailey Admits To Being In A Relationship Post ‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Is Sam The One? [Video]

Joe Bailey may be the villain of this season of Bachelor In Paradise. Some have even wondered if he is the worst person ever to enter paradise. However, for Joe, it was all about coming in and meeting Samantha – and staying as long as possible to get that opportunity. For him, that meant breaking a few hearts and potentially getting in some fights, but one can imagine he didn’t care once Samantha arrived.

These days, Joe Bailey has moved on with his life in more ways than one. For one, he is back home from paradise. And two, he could be thinking about settling down. While he may not have popped the question in paradise, Bailey does reveal that he has someone special in his life.

According to a new tweet, Joe Bailey is now revealing that he is in a committed relationship, but he didn’t say with whom. It is possible that people have no idea who he is dating at the moment as it could be someone he met after coming home from Bachelor In Paradise. Regardless, Bailey has to clean up the mess he got caught up in on the show.

“Chris Harrison, are you and the ABC Network going to be proactive about bringing attention to the #bullying Joe Bailey is getting too?” one follower wrote in defense of Joe, having Bailey chime in, “No because I’m a big boy and I can handle it. I made my bed and now I have to sleep in it. Whatever that saying is.”

One can imagine that his new girlfriend isn’t too pleased to see how he was acting on the show, including getting frisky with Samantha in the hot tub. But Bailey had no problem announcing that he was indeed in a relationship.

“Kimber if I wasn’t in a relationship id love to be your b%+ch,” he revealed in a reply message, adding later to a separate tweet, “Not true. Sam is the best. And I will not be saying anything bad about her.”

It is possible that Samantha is the one. Even though she isn’t pleased with the things Joe Bailey has said about her on Twitter, she doesn’t seem upset about what has gone down between them. And she doesn’t seem apologetic at all for the things that happened with Juelia Kinney.

“Reading the way Joe Bailey responds to tweets makes me sad for the person he is in a “committed relationship” with… #sodisrespectful,” someone pointed out, having Bailey reply, “I ask for her permission before replying.”

While Joe and Samantha angered many of the Bachelor In Paradise contestants with their behavior, it sounds like Sam is the one with some regrets, according to the Inquisitr. But she could just be regretting how she paid Bailey so much attention when her friend really needed her.

What do you think of Joe Bailey being in a relationship?

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