Samsung And Apple Fans Battle Each Other Over Galaxy Note 5 And iPhone 6

The Galaxy Note 5 has shipped to some customers, but will arrive in stores on Friday. Despite rumors to the contrary, Phone Arena, in their near-perfect review of the device, says that the Note 5 clearly races over the Note 4.

“Lucky for this one, the Note 5 clearly does it in a winning fashion – proving that it’s snappier with its performance, longer lasting with its battery, and it takes amazing shots with its camera.”

The review goes on to note that on the software side, the experience is further enhanced by TouchWiz’s much-improved approach in addition to the significant new features brought on by the S Pen.

The theme of the review is that the Galaxy Note 5 represents “quality” in every way possible. Some of the iPhone fans who commented after the review were pretty angry.

“You Samsung and Android fans are so pathetic. I tried the Note 5 at Best Buy and although it looks nice, the phone is as reliable as a condom with a hole in it. The iPhone just works and at least Apple doesn’t need desperate commercials to sell their products,” writes SteveJobsIsGod.

BGR wrote a positive article about the battery life of the Galaxy Note 5. There were fears that since the Note 5 downgraded to a 3,000mAh battery (the Note 4 had a 3,200mAh battery), the battery life would take a hit. However, as BGR notes, those fears are unfounded since the Note 5 actually lasts longer than the Note 4 on a full charge. Both Android and Apple fans attacked each other in the comments after the article.

“Still doesn’t last as long as the iPhone 6, which is a much better device,” Jurnomeo commented.

“iPhone users are mentally challenged. They don’t realize that there are much better devices out there. They can’t think for themselves so they always buy the worst phone,” answered Migliore29.

“Discussions” such as this can be found on almost any article over the past month that talks about the iPhone or a Samsung device. Even on Twitter, the battle rages on.

The battle will most likely get worse in the next month as Apple unveils their new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Let us know which one you will buy in the comments section.

[Photos by Justin Sullivan and David Ramos / Getty Images]