Jenelle Evans Wants To Move Kaiser Closer To Jace After Breakup: Nathan Furious!

Jenelle Evans announced that she had split with Nathan Griffith a few weeks ago and that she was moving on from the relationship. The two had been engaged and planning a wedding next summer, but Evans changed her mind. Nathan had been acting out, and fans are starting to see his less-than-supportive behavior on Teen Mom this week. Rather than flipping out, Jenelle is more mature these days, and she has decided to end the engagement for the sake of herself and her children.

These days, Jenelle Evans is single and she is exploring online dating. Of course, this is how she met Nathan a few years back. In addition, Courtland Rogers has been reaching out to her after the split, and she has been hanging out with Kieffer Delp. But that doesn’t mean she is planning on dating them again.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jenelle Evans has bigger plans in mind. She is currently living in South Carolina, and she has considered moving herself and Kaiser to North Carolina to be closer to her son, Jace. Jace currently lives with Barbara, about 90 minutes away from Jenelle. Needless to say, Griffith isn’t too pleased with Jenelle’s decision to remove their son from South Carolina.

“Jenelle is trying to move to Wilmington, N.C.,” a friend of Evans has revealed, adding, “She wants to move to make a fresh start. Kaiser would move with Jenelle and Nathan knows that.”

“Nathan says it will upset him that his son will be 1.5 hours away,” the friend says, revealing, “but he said he will just have to go up to visit him or meet Jenelle with his mom. They haven’t spoken about it yet. She needs to move first.”

As it stands right now, Jenelle Evans and Nathan share custody of Kaiser. While Evans has him during the week, he gets his son on the weekends. This was something she was criticized for on Twitter, but she stuck by her stance that her son needed to see his father.

“Kaiser stayed with Jenelle for a week and Nathan just got Kaiser for the weekend,” the friend says, revealing, “They don’t talk unless they are talking about Kaiser or exchanging Kaiser.”

On last week’s episode, Nathan called Jenelle trailer trash and said she was a waste of a life. He also lied to her about going on a business trip to Atlanta. Evans was shocked when she saw Nathan again, as he seemed completely hyped up. According to the Inquisitr, some speculate that he was using Jenelle Evans for fame and money. It is very possible money was a factor, as he was thinking about investing in a gym.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans possibly moving Kaiser closer to his brother?

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