Nicki Minaj Stops Concert After Fans Are Pepper Sprayed – See Video Here! [Must Watch]

Nicki Minaj fans got a little more than they bargained for at the singer’s San Francisco concert Friday night after a fight broke out, causing fans to get pepper sprayed. The incident caused the 32-year-old Minaj to end her concert, according to the Daily Mail. Minaj sang to a sold-out house at the Concord Pavilion as part of her PinkPrint Tour.

During the Nicki Minaj concert, however, things got out of hand when people began to fight, culminating in one woman being hit with a face full of pepper spray. A frustrated Minaj stopped the music when she saw the number of brawls taking place. According to Music Times, in order to end the fighting, security guards came out and pepper sprayed the offending fans.

According to the Daily Mail, Minaj tried to quell the pepper spray incident, calming frenzied fans over the microphone while wearing the gold sequined costume that consisted of a bra top and a short mini skirt. A cell phone video shared on social media shows Nicki telling fans, over the microphone, to “stop, stop, stop.” Minaj continued, trying to help the women who was sprayed in the face with the pepper spray. The video shows Minaj instructing fans, “This girl that just got sprayed with mace in her face. Come here. Bring her over here. Come here, come here, quick.”

Another video taken by a concert-goer shows the woman standing on stage as the Minaj team tries to assist her. Both videos show the chaos that broke out at the Bay Area concert, as fans pile up on each other only to get pepper sprayed. During the incident, shouts and yelling quell out any ability to hear Minaj.

Minaj isn’t the only singer to stop a concert because of brawling fans. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, earlier this year, the rock band 3 Doors Down stopped their singing after a concert-goer attacked a woman. The news made headlines as lead singer Brad Arnold admonished fans, “you don’t hit a woman, dude,” and had the unruly concert-goer tossed out on to the street.

In that instance, fans had been brawling in a mosh pit that was growing more dangerous by the minute, similar to the fights between fans at the Minaj concert. One 3 Doors Down guitarist told Arnold, “I was like, ‘Man, I’m really glad you did that, because that was gonna get really ugly really quick.'” And it did get ugly at the Nicki Minaj concert since fans got pepper sprayed, sustaining minor injuries.

[Image credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images]