Jason Derulo’s Plane Ride Goes Wrong, Singer Breaks Net Worth With Private Jet

Jason Derulo’s plane ride with Southwest airlines apparently took such a south turn that he ended up buying his own private jet as a fix for his problems. But will that break the bank and make him as bankrupt as 50 Cent?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, speaking of 50 Cent, the rapper’s net worth is going bankrupt by $108,000 per month in expenses.

The story about Jason Derulo’s plane trip came out when he posted about the experience on Instagram. The singer claims he was booted off a Southwest flight after his bodyguard got into a “shouting match” with an airport employee because he was denied preferred boarding.

According to TMZ, Southwest airlines “treated the singer and his entourage shabbily.”

“[T]he singer requested an escort to get him and his crew through the airport faster because TSA precheck was down… they were refused. When they called “bulls**t”… the rep says airport staff refused to let Jason’s crew get on the flight, but she says Jason was allowed on. It appears other members of his crew got on as well, and that’s why airport cops came and escorted them all off.”

Writing on Instagram, Derulo told about the aftermath of the incident.

“I had to fire my travel agent for booking me somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be,” he said. “But now we’re here, we’re good.”

The reason Jason Derulo’s plane incident rattled him so much is because he was trying to make it to his performances on time. The singer settled the matter and proved it by posting a video with the caption D”Jet Life,” showing him on a private jet with a bodyguard in the background shouting, “They can’t kick me off of this.”

Jason Derulo’s net worth will probably be set back just a little bit with this extravagant purchase. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Derulo has about $8.5 million saved up in his piggy bank, although his annual salary is about $4 million per year, as of 2014.

Still, Jason Derulo’s plane purchase will set him back quite a bit. While the singer did not exactly specify the model of private jet that he bought, the cost of hourly private rates is said to be between $5,400 and $12,800 per hour depending on the size of the plane. If he outright bought a private jet, an entry level turboprop is around $4 to $7. million, while the actual jets easily cost tens of millions.

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