Funny Animal Video: Trained, Clever Cat Sits Down Like A Human

Today’s funny animal video is quite impressive. After viewing the footage, you may join the ranks of those who now believe cats are not empty balls of fur.

Perhaps, you’ve seen felines that come when called (good luck with that) or some that arch their backs when threatened. And, how many times have we all seen a cat fall upright on all fours when falling from way up high?

Here’s the true test of Kitty 101: Have you ever seen cats sit down like humanoids? No, well, meet Red, a trained cat that sits “curiously” like humans.

The YouTube video was uploaded by the user, ViralHog. It appears on the site Rickey, and after one look, we dare you not to try this on your anti-social companion.

The recording begins with a camera trained on a brown cat sitting atop an outdoor picnic table. You can hear a woman’s voice as she coaxes the kitty to assume the sitting position.

“There he goes. Come on Red, do it.”

And as simple as that, the furry feline goes from a cat-like sitting position to looking like a person relaxing with their bottom planted firmly on the table — and their legs draped over its edge.

Not a believer? Since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out the funny animal video above of Red the sitting cat if you haven’t pressed play yet. And, if that’s not enough to make you bend over in laughter, check out this Inquisitr story and video about a spooked cat that goes bonkers at the sight of a stealth cucumber.

[Photo via YouTube]