Chris Brown Missing Rihanna? ‘Loyal’ Singer Shares Cryptic Message On Twitter

Chris Brown may have been vocal about his love for Rihanna in an interview conducted earlier this month, but is Brown missing Rihanna after calling it quits with the songstress in 2013?

Brown took to Twitter on August 14 to share some cryptic messages on his social media account, leading fans to believe that Brown may be interested in reuniting with Rihanna.

While it’s unclear who Brown’s messages are intended for, fans instantly began speculating that Brown may be missing Rihanna now that she’s coupled-up with Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton.

“U fear me only because of the potential!” Brown posted on Friday, alongside a racing-flag emoji and several “100” emojis.

The next day, Brown took to Twitter to share another eyebrow-raising message, writing, “When u allow me to be the man for you everything else will fall in place. I can’t be a f*** n**** all my life!”

Sources close to Brown reveal to Urban Islandz that Brown may be feeling a little jealous of Rihanna’s new romance with Hamilton, noting that Brown has asked Rihanna about the status of her relationship with the British star.

“He [Chris Brown] asked her whats the status of their relationship and told him that they are just friends hanging out,” the source explains.

“She [Rihanna] sense that there are some jealous and playfully asked him if he is jealous and his response was no, but she knows him very well and knows when he is being jealous or not,” the source continues of Rihanna and Brown’s alleged conversation.

“She really likes to rub it in that this is what you lost, but it’s good that they are maintaining a healthy friendship,” the source concludes.

Brown seemingly alluded to his jealousy over Rihanna’s new relationship in an Instagram message posted to his account last week in which Brown shared a photo of himself with the caption, “That face u make when u know someone is banging your girl.”

That face u make when u know someone is banging your girl.

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Brown made headlines earlier this month after he revealed in an interview with Tim Westwood that he still has love for Rihanna while noting that he “doesn’t get jealous” of her rumored relationships.

“She my homie though,” Brown explained of his decision to perform Rihanna’s new single, “B***h Better Have My Money” during one of his own concerts earlier this month.

“When you grow up together, we knew each other since we were 14, 15, with that kind of history we always gonna be cool,” Brown continued, “I don’t get jealous, I don’t get mad, I got nothing but love and respect for her. Do your thing. I respect her as an artist.”

Do you think Chris Brown is jealous of Rihanna’s relationship with Lewis Hamilton?

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