‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Will Have Nine Multiplayer Game Types

EA showed off more of their upcoming game, Battlefront, today at the Disney D23 expo. As reported by PS4 Daily, the company released several new details about the highly-anticipated video game. One of the key details released today was that the game will have a respectable nine multiplayer game modes.

While EA didn’t reveal all nine of the modes, we do know what five of them will be. The developer of Battlefront, DICE, has been revealing various details on the game modes and other important game information.

The main game mode will be called Supremacy. In the Supremacy mode, two teams will fight for areas on the map. The team that gains and holds the most areas on the map will win the game. This game mode will be fairly similar to Battlefield’s Conquest game mode. Of course, some differences between the two game modes will be apparent.

Similar to Conquest in Battlefield, Supremacy will feature the game’s biggest maps and vehicles. Unlike Battlefield’s Conquest mode, only two of the control points in Battlefront’s Supremacy will be active at anytime during the game. In Battlefield’s Conquest the two teams fight over several control points spread across the map.

“The added time also ensures that if a team captures a control point with very little time left, the opposing team still has time to recapture a point and keep the game going before we end it.”

Another game mode that DICE has announced is one called Fighter Squadron. Players using the Fighter Squadron mode will be able to engage in dog fights. The game mode features X-Wings, TIE Fighters, the Millennium Falcon, and other aircraft from Star Wars. The Fighter Squadron mode will allow up to 20 players to play at a time in two teams of 10.

One point of the game that may upset some is that a single-player campaign is not going to be a part of Battlefront. The Chief Operating Officer of EA, Peter Moore, told GameSpot that few players would be interested in a solo Battlefront campaign mode.

“…very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games. That’s what the data points to.”

Battlefront is shaping up to be the game of the year. Players of the old Battlefront video games are no doubt looking forward to DICE’s revamp of the beloved game. The amount of interest that has been expressed in the game over the last several months point toward it being a hit.

[Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images]