Kate Middleton’s Nurse, Who Hung Herself After Prank, Would Be Proud Of Son, Royals Slam Paparazzi

Jacintha Saldanha, Kate Middleton’s nurse while staying at a London hospital back in 2012, tragically hung herself three days after radio personalities prank called her. The mother of two’s son, Junal Barboza, has achieved an A-level result in his final semester of school and has his sights on attending university, which would have made Saldanha “very proud.”

As the Mirror reminds, the tragic death of Junal’s mother was directly tied to her royal patient, Kate Middleton.

“Tragic Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was working at the London hospital where the-then pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was being treated in December 2012.She hanged herself three days after taking a call from presenters impersonating the Queen and Prince Charles. DJ Melanie Greig posed as the Queen and asked for private medical information about Kate.”

Junal and his family mourn the loss of their mother; image via The Guardian

The teen, now 19, was clearly traumatized by his mother’s death, which came about simply due to entertainers’ attempts to gain Kate’s personal information. Junal reflected on the difficulties he has faced while working to complete his high school courses when speaking with the publication.

“It has been tough. I took an extra year to take my exams so it was difficult to see all of my friends leave. And there were those nerves in the few days before the results, but to actually pick them up and see that I have made it in to university – it is incredible. My dad is very proud. When I rang to tell him he was in a business meeting, but he popped out and was very happy. It hasn’t really sunk in yet, but I am sure we will talk about it in more depth later.”

The teenager has now achieved his goal of attending Northumbria University to study architecture.

The senseless prank that caused Jacintha such distress is more evidence to fact that Will and Kate often experience having their privacy infringed upon. The couple have noted recently that they are upset about instances such as this, which bring such a horrible outcome. It has, however, been due to paparazzi brazenly snapping pictures of their little Prince that the royal couple is currently miffed.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were sure to express their discontentment with photographers who are “stalking” them along with their little ones. The Daily Mail shares the message issued by the royal duo.

“In a letter released by Kensington Palace today the couple said a ‘line had been crossed’ by photographers going to ‘disturbing’ lengths to take photographs of their young children. Thanking the British media for not publishing unofficial photographs of George or Princess Charlotte, the couple’s press secretary said [Kate and William] would be ‘delighted’ to share their own pictures as they pair grow up.”

[Feature photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images]