‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Who Is New HOH Targeting For Eviction?

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Friday (August 14) begin with the targets of the new Head of Household, including the fact that Liz Nolan has become the latest HOH through an overnight competition in the BB17 house. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Liz came into power in the early morning hours of Friday. This guarantees the safety of her closest alliance members (showmance partner Austin Matelson and twin sister Julia Nolan). Now a report from Friday morning on fan site Big Brother Network reveals who that alliance is targeting for eviction.

As expected, Vanessa Rousso is trying to run the show again, giving Liz her ideas on who Liz “needs” to put on the block this week. With most of that group agreeing upon it, the Week 8 nominees look to be Becky Burgess and John McGuire. Becky is the main target, with James Huling as the backup plan should anything go wrong. The plan could also shift to simply using the “backdoor” option on John if the alliances decides to go in a different direction before the next eviction on August 20.

It has become glaringly obvious that the other side of the house has made a lot of mistakes during the past two evictions. As previous Big Brother 17 spoilers have relayed, Vanessa Rousso was always a bigger target than Shelli Poole, but also a bigger threat in the game. Her ability to manipulate people to do what she wants should have been a huge hint for the group of James Huling, Meg Maley, and Jackie Ibarra that she had to go. Instead, they wasted the opportunity, Jackie has been sent to the BB17 jury, and now another one of them could be going home at the next “live” show on CBS.

It is now very clear that the alliance of Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, Vanessa Rousso, and Austin Matelson has a great shot at becoming the final four if they can convince one other person to do their bidding. That could easily become Steve Moses, as he unwittingly did just that by getting Julia out of the BB17 house. He was convinced that Jackie was coming after him, making her the biggest target in the house (in his eyes). The “Goblin Alliance” needed to work harder on joining forces with him, because now it might be too late.

More Big Brother 17 spoilers will come out when the official nominations get revealed Friday night, but with very few options that Liz Nolan would want to put on the block, it is getting easier to predict how these decisions will go. The BB17 house might also be getting closer to a point where someone gets to re-join the game, so stay tuned live feed fans!

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]