‘Big Brother 17’: Do Liz Nolan And Julia Nolan Have Divided Loyalties?

Although viewers of Big Brother 17 have known since the beginning that Liz Nolan was actually two people — Liz and her twin sister Julia — it has been easy to think of them as one player. For the first several weeks, the twins were forced to pretend they were the same person, and essentially play the same game.

But now that they’ve both entered the house, CBS has given Julia an official bio separate from Liz, and the differences between the two women are coming to light. And the twins’ own gameplay has demonstrated they may not always agree on where their loyalties lie.

Prior to Thursday’s live eviction episode, CarterMatt reported on an interesting series of conversations that showed the twins might gravitate to different allies inside the Big Brother house.

Vanessa, at that point still not certain she would survive eviction, questioned Austin’s intent to help the twins study for that evening’s Head of Household competition. Austin left the room upset with Vanessa. Liz tried to calm Austin down, as he expressed frustration with Vanessa’s paranoia.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Julia discussed what Austin might be up to and whether he was trustworthy. Julia recalled when Austin revealed her identity to Jason before both twins entered the house, and in her mind, that information should have remained secret.

After Thursday’s double eviction, it makes sense for Liz, Julia, Austin and Vanessa to remain allies as long as possible. But eventually even that alliance will have to splinter, as there are evictions right up until the final two on Big Brother.

This is only one of the more obvious splinters between the close pairing of Liz and Julia Nolan. Darren Franich, writing Wednesday in Entertainment Weekly, noted that Julia appears to be quite different from Liz, even though the twins are aligned by default.

“Julia is a question mark, going into the back half of this season. From everything the show has shown us, she’s the twin we should be paying attention to: Smarter, willing to make serious deals, unwilling to forgive. But right now, she appears to be well shackled to the LizTin showmance—and boy, she does not seem happy about that.”

On that question of the Liz and Austin showmance, Julia has been clear to the diary room cameras that she’s not happy with their quasi-romantic attachment.

Julia’s biography makes it clear that she is a “tomboy” and has the determination to make it to the end of the game, “with or without her sister.” Liz’s biography says she plans to be more of a friend to people in the house so as to not be viewed as a threat.

Julia survived leukemia when she was 6, which her biography says proves she is “a fighter.”

The twins’ unique game play will unfold as the weeks continue. There are still nine house guests left in the house.

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

[Image: CBS]