Alabama Student Arrested After Threats To Shoot Classmates

An Alabama high school student was arrested after being overheard making a threat to bring a gun to school and shoot some of his classmates, according to a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department release.

AL reports that high school senior Mark Anthony Woodruff, 18, was arrested at his home at approximately 7 a.m. on Wednesday. Woodruff was overheard on Tuesday making the threat on the bus as he was on his way to Mortimer Jordan High School in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Once the threats were made, the school’s resource officer was notified, and the sheriff’s department began the investigation. According to Chief Deputy Randy Christina, Woodruff is charged with making terrorist threats.

“He first got our attention with a social media post that we talked with his parents about. It’s sad that wasn’t enough.”

Woodruff was booked at the Alabama Jefferson County Jail and released after posting $15,000 bond.

“I’m sorry for this kid and his family but this isn’t a game and we are going to protect our students 100 percent of the time. It’s a different world now.”

This is not the first time this year serious action had to be taken against students making threats or carrying weapons at school.

In January, three fourth-grade girls were caught plotting to kill their teacher because they said the teacher was “mean” and “yelled” at them.

Hand sanitizer was banned from the classroom, as the teacher has a severe allergy to waterless liquid soap. The girls planned to spread anti-bacterial hand sanitizer on all surfaces of the classroom. The three fourth-graders were brought in by police for questioning.

A Florida boy was also taken in for questioning after he was caught with what was deemed as an “arsenal of weapons” in his backpack in March of this year.

The 13-year-old was caught when another student was seen handing him a knife. The Sunrise Middle School student was reported to be carrying a knife, several guns, ammunition, a mask, and fireworks in his backpack. The two boys were Baker Acted on the weapons complaint.

What do you think of the dramatic increase in student arrests due to violent acts and making threats at school? Who is to blame? Is it a result of the media, video games, bad parenting, or are these kids just bad seeds?

[Image via Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office]