Do Bernie Sanders And Private Emails Mark The End For Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton has experienced a tough time trying to be the first female president of the United States. In both 2008 and 2015, she appeared to be a shoe-in for the next President of the United States. In 2008, she crashed after Barack Obama appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and she is crashing again in 2015. CNN reported on Hillary’s email problems Tuesday.

“Hillary Clinton agreed to turn over her private email server to authorities on Tuesday, the same day an intelligence community inspector general told congressional committees that at least five emails from the server did contain classified information.”

Perhaps Clinton is handing over the emails because she knows there is nothing really serious that can hurt her. However, Fox News is having a ball with the scandal.

“Hillary Clinton’s email mess has been like a low-grade fever that keeps returning in nastier form. And the problem is she’s never taken the cure—by answering all the outstanding questions—as part of her media-averse approach.”

Fox News seems to revel in the fact that even the New York Times is reveling in the scandal. Perhaps the Times wants Bernie Sanders to win the Democrat nomination. The newspaper seemed excited to announce earlier on Wednesday that Sanders is now at a statistical tie with Hillary in the New Hampshire poll.

“A new survey released by Franklin Pierce University and The Boston Herald found that 44 percent of Democrats in the state are backing Mr. Sanders compared with 37 percent for Mrs. Clinton, a difference that is within the poll’s margin of error.”

The New York Times goes on to note that the last Democratic poll from Franklin Pierce University, taken in March, found Sanders trailing far behind Clinton with eight percent of likely voters. Bernie Sanders has become somewhat of a rock star lately. He attracted 28,000 fans at the Los Angeles Sports Arena earlier this week and attracted the same amount of people at a rally in Portland this weekend. He has a huge amount of worshipers on Twitter as well.

Though Mr. Sanders is surging ahead of Hillary Clinton, Jonah Goldberg of the Chicago Tribune says problems for Mr. Sanders are just beginning. He believes that Bernie Sanders has the charm, but lacks too much experience to appeal to anyone beyond white leftists. If Bernie Sanders does become the Democratic candidate, it will be interesting to see how he changes his style and approach to appeal to everyone.

[Photos by Boston Globe and Washington Post for Getty Images]