Hillary Clinton-Jeb Bush 2016 Part 2: The Road To The White House Paved With American Dynasties

Now, back to presidential dynasties. In part one of this Inquisitr OpEd, we focused on Hillary Clinton. Ready for Hillary. For the choosy voter, and one who loathes the Clintons, you have another hand-picked choice. So, if you do not prefer the lady without qualifications, there’s always room for the third coming of the Bush dynasty. He supports everything pretty much everything Hillary does.

It makes you wonder whether you’re even getting a choice. “Jeb,” formerly known as Jeb Bush, formerly known as John Ellis Bush. It’s kind of like Prince, good behind the curtain or name, but pretty lousy in front of a crowd.

“Jeb” Bush is trying to separate himself from the Bush dynasty and now he is “Jeb,” formerly known as Jeb Bush, formerly John Ellis Bush. It is kind of like Madonna going by a one name persona. Jeb keeps stepping in it, and no Republican, Tea Party, or any American citizen appears to be speaking about him for 2016, but he’s number one or two every week. It isn’t just on Fox News, as the whole slew of them have Jeb Bush as the Republican front-runner. Only Jeb seems to know how or why. He favors what most of his party calls Amnesty, P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, Obama’s presidencies, the wars — wait he is running as a Republican?

Jeb Bush is out of touch with the resurgent conservative section of the Republican Party and the Tea Party, and it is doubtful he is winning any independent or Libertarian votes with a name like Bush. Though, he is running as Jeb now.

This is opposing 2016 front-runners so similar that could run as a President/VP team, and it would be hard to notice they were from two separate parties. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the front-runners and primary winners, as far as some our concerned. Though, dark horse candidates could still be on the rise, and of course Bush has yet to get the Hollywood treatment for 2016.

The Tea Party and Liberty Republicans are a younger, more passionate group, and neither one has mentioned Jeb Bush once. I mean Jeb. The War of Words, and the name recognition known as nepotism, can get in the way of chosen candidate. Especially, when no one seems to want him.

He has nothing to new to offer. He supports common core, amnesty, and nothing that conservative or tea party voters care about. He supports Obama’s presidency, and he has been running away from the Bush legacy since he laced up for office, so what party is Jeb Bush running for the nomination of? Better yet, why would anyone want to vote for Jeb Bush?

There is 39 republicans, plus two considering, that are ignored for the next in line for the Bush dynasty.

Here are some names you have never heard of, and might never hear of because of name recognition nepotism like Bush: Andy Martin, James C. Mitchell, Jr., K. Ross Newland, Esteban Oliverez, Michael Petyo, Brian Russell, Jefferson Sherman, and Shawna Sterling. Who are they? I don’t know. Look them up. They’re running. The 2016 Presidential Candidates website can elaborate on all of them with links to their websites.

This is not an endorsement, and this is not a political campaign ad. Partisan politicians have infected every level of the American electorate, and that is about as much as the American people get anymore. Candidates like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are part of the same failed policies that no one actually wants, since they have seen them in practice.

Repackaging, rebranding, and reselling these options is tantamount to re-gifting at best, cronyism at worst. Both candidates are brought to you by the following, interesting shared sponsorship, as the list compiled by the Daily Beast points out.

Is 2016 anybody’s game? You’ll have to ask either establishment of the two established parties, since only two groups are allowed into this party. Vote for Hillary. Vote for Jeb. Vote for Hillary Jeb Clinton Bush. After all, what difference at this point does it make?

[Jeb Bush Image Via Gage Skidmore]