Why Harry Styles Rules One Direction

Harry Styles wasn’t the first to criticize SeaWorld. But Harry Styles is adored by many who could have potentially visited SeaWorld. The vast legion of One Direction fans know how truly powerful Harry Styles and One Direction are.

Harry Styles is currently only 21 and started his professional singing career as a teen. The rest of One Direction are also in their early 20s. Every word these young guys say is immediately digested by fans. Whether it is over social media or in a song, or on stage during a show, word quickly spreads throughout the fandom.

Harry Styles emerged as a favorite out of One Direction members likely to break out into solo careers. He was noted for having the charisma and work ethic to make it happen and was envisioned by X Factor judge Louis Walsh to become both a great solo singer and actor.

Louis Walsh told the Mirror why he thinks Harry will go on to be more successful than the others.

“Harry’s a star. He will be a global star and I think he’s going to do movies. He’s got the ambition, the talent and the drive. He knows how to work the room and he’s nice to everybody.”

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about Harry. Niall will do well, but Harry is the star.”

So it’s no wonder that when Harry speaks out against SeaWorld, fans pay attention and take note. With the combined criticism coming from both Styles and the Blackfish movie, SeaWorld has seen an 84 percent drop in profits.

Speaking out against SeaWorld isn’t the only bit of activism the boys of One Direction are involved in. At a concert in Baltimore recently, fans were made to raise peace signs in the air in acknowledgment of protests scheduled nearby.

They’ve also got an Action/1D movement, which gives One Direction fans the opportunity to connect with world leaders on issues of global concern. Styles appears to be the most outspoken with the causes One Direction supports.

As for why Harry Styles and the rest of the boys can hold so much clout, you have to understand why they sparkle. The Baltimore Sun gave their take on why One Direction epitomizes the boy band of today during a recent concert.

“Here, natural likability and aw-shucks charm trumped the tricks previous standard-bearers like ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys lived by. One Direction does not rely on props, elaborate stage designs or choreographed dance moves. They have no need for matching costumes, and instead wear outfits its members would likely wear normally, such as tight jeans and plain T-shirts and tanktops. The quartet looked as if they had rolled off the tour bus 10 minutes before taking the stage, and it was a safe bet no one in the crowd of mostly teenage girls would have preferred it another way.”

Only One Direction fans can truly feel the pop rapture brought forth by Harry Styles and his bandmates. Whatever future causes Harry Styles brings to the forefront, you can bet swarms of fans will do more than just take notice.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]